At 10 a.m. (June 18) this morning, the NFC version of Xiaomi Bracelet 4 went on sale for the first time.

Zhang Jianhui, who is certified as Xiaomi’s off-line person in charge in China, shared the first sales scene of some stores, including the hot queuing scene.

Lei Jun also forwarded it in person and expressed his satisfaction with two loving expressions.

Xiaomi Bracelet 4nfc version is popular offline

Unfortunately, by the time of publication, the NFC version of Xiaomi Bracelet 4 had been sold out in the official website mall, and it was turned into an appointment status. If you are interested, you can go to the tripartite platform or offline store.

It is reported that the NFC version has three functions more than the Standard Version, i.e. xiaoaiclassmate, voice control appliance and NFC card swiping, priced at 229 yuan.

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