Recently, Xiaomi mall launched a new headset product – Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (k-song version), priced at 249 yuan, which was launched simultaneously with Xiaomi 9 on March 5 (that is, today).

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (karaoke version) is similar to the previous Xiaomi headset. It is also a headset with its own microphone, speaker resistance of 32 Ω, speaker diameter of 40mm, Bluetooth 4.2 support, micro USB charging interface, product weight of 215g, and the official life time is not marked.

As a headset for karaoke scenes, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (karaoke version) has many related functions:

First, you can click bel canto, and the headset can automatically repair small defects in singing; Secondly, the earphone has built-in reverberation, which can switch between light reverberation, medium reverberation, large reverberation and no reverberation cycle; In addition, there is one key voice change function, and the original voice, female voice, boy voice, child voice, electric voice and robot can be switched circularly; In addition, there is a very popular one button elimination of the original singing function, so you don’t have to work hard to find accompaniment.

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (k-song version) has built-in cirrus logic three core sound processing DSP to make the sound play fuller and more layered; Make the sound collection more dynamic and richer in detail.

In addition, Xiaomi Bluetooth headset (k-song version) also has the function of ear back monitoring, with a delay as low as 6ms. You can listen to your own voice while singing.

Xiaomi Bluetooth headset karaoke version is officially on sale, with ear back monitoring function, and the delay is as low as 6ms

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