Xiaomi executives pointed out that the audio power of Huawei TV did not reach 60W. Later, executives of both sides shouted to each other on microblog. Both sides claimed that the other party was lying. Baiming technology believes that Huawei will be the biggest beneficiary no matter who wins the tear.

Huawei officially intervened in the TV market this year. It seems that in order to avoid affecting the cooperation with traditional TV enterprises (half of traditional TV enterprises use Huawei Hisilicon’s TV chips), it named its own TV product smart screen, which has triggered a market dispute. No matter what the name is, it is actually a TV product.

Although Huawei has entered the TV market, it has not made a good start. Qunzhi consulting estimates that the shipment of Huawei TV this year is about 300000 units, which is far from its expected shipment target of tens of millions. It is small compared with the shipment of 10 million Xiaomi TV, the leader of the TV industry, which highlights that Huawei TV still needs hard work to open up the situation.

Huawei TV had a bad start. In fact, it’s reasonable. After all, it’s not easy for a latecomer to quickly open the situation. It took seven years for Xiaomi TV to become the first in China. Huawei TV has just started. Of course, it’s impossible to expect too high shipments. After all, consumers don’t know much about Huawei TV products.

However, this tear between Xiaomi TV and Huawei TV provides an opportunity for Huawei TV. Xiaomi TV, as a leader in the industry, undoubtedly has a high reputation. At this time, it took the initiative to fight with Huawei TV, which attracted the attention of the public. It can be said that it sleeps and gives Pillows – it is the right time. As a result, the popularity of Huawei TV has increased rapidly, This will help Huawei TV quickly open its popularity.

Xiaomi TV can quickly become the first in the industry, which is inseparable from its cost performance. However, Huawei is also a firm supporter of cost performance. Its Internet mobile phone brand glory has grown up by learning from Xiaomi’s cost performance. In the smart phone market, Xiaomi mobile quickly beat the top four original domestic mobile phones such as China cool union with the cost performance strategy. Huawei mobile then learned from Xiaomi’s cost performance strategy and launched the Internet mobile phone brand glory. After four years of efforts, the glory has defeated Xiaomi in the online mobile phone market in the first quarter of 2017. It has been maintained so far, which shows Huawei’s strong learning ability.

As Xiaomi executives said, Huawei is an example of the “low price” strategy of Chinese enterprises. After seeing Xiaomi rely on low-cost mobile phones to attack emerging markets, Huawei mobile phones also quickly launched low-cost mobile phones to attack emerging markets. The price of smart phones launched in the African market is as low as $80, which is lower than Xiaomi’s cheapest mobile phones. Meanwhile, Xiaomi executives also pointed out that “The lowest price 399 of the double 11 smartphone is also a model of a friend”. It can be seen that Huawei is willing to set a new low in product prices in order to seize the market.

It is conceivable that Xiaomi TV and Huawei TV are forcing Huawei TV to increase its popularity. In the future, it is not ruled out that Huawei TV will also follow Xiaomi TV’s main performance price ratio. In fact, the price of glory smart screen has been greatly reduced. From the e-commerce platform, it can be seen that the price of 55 inch glory smart screen has been reduced to 2899 yuan, 1100 yuan lower than the original price of 3999 yuan, It shows that it has deliberately followed the price war strategy of Xiaomi TV.

In general, regardless of whether the statements of all parties are correct or not and whoever wins the victory of the war of words, Huawei TV will be the biggest beneficiary of the war. This is like an industry leader scolding Xiaodi for not only not killing Xiaodi, but also helping Xiaodi to ascend. Huawei TV should thank Xiaomi TV.

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