At 10 a.m. on March 3, Xiaomi 10 Pro was on sale again. The 8GB + 256gb version of Xiaomi 10 Pro sold for 4999 yuan, and the 12gb + 256gb version sold for 5499 yuan. In addition, the 12gb + 512gb top configuration version is available for pre-sale at 5999 yuan.

According to the information on the official website, the top version of Xiaomi 10 Pro enjoys six interest free installments, starting from 1000 yuan per issue. When you buy the machine, you will get 1 TB Xiaomi cloud space, 150 yuan ring iron four unit earphone coupon and other good gifts, plus 149 yuan, you will get a vertical air-cooled wireless charger.

Xiaomi 10 Pro is on sale at 10 o'clock today, and the imaging system has been comprehensively innovated

Because of the epidemic situation, there is pressure to restore the production capacity of Xiaomi 10 pro, and the authorities also ask for your understanding. Xiaomi 10 Pro 12gb + 512gb version carries out full pre-sale. When you place an order, it will be available. It will be delivered in order, and generally divided into two batches. One wave promises to deliver the goods in 10 days at most, and the other wave promises to deliver the goods in 21 days at most.

Compared with Xiaomi 10, the imaging system of Xiaomi 10 Pro has been comprehensively innovated. In addition to the 100 million pixel main camera, the classic portrait lens with 2x optical zoom, the ultra long focal lens with 10x hybrid zoom, and the 20 million ultra wide angle lens are also equipped, supplemented by more sophisticated algorithm processing. Xiaomi 10 Pro ranks first in both photography and video, and won the first place in the DxOMark image list with a total score of 124 points.

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