Recently, many mobile phone manufacturers have announced that they will be the first to build their own flagship mobile phones with snapdragon 888 processor. Snapdragon 888 will even be the standard configuration of many professional game phones. From the current news, in addition to bringing a lot of advanced features and innovation, the performance of snapdragon 888 has been greatly improved, it has also achieved a higher energy efficiency ratio, which makes playing mobile games more powerful. The excellent power control of snapdragon 888 also makes many people feel familiar, which is very similar to the “God level strong core” snapdragon 835 a few years ago.

Xiaolong 8885g chip will become 5g version of "God class strong core"

Throughout the history of Android mobile phones, the snapdragon 835 era of Qualcomm is an important turning point. As a processor released by Qualcomm a few years ago, snapdragon 835 has become the “God class strong core” in the eyes of many mobile game users, relying on its flagship performance and only the heat and power consumption of the mid-range processor. Snapdragon 835 completely smashes the stereotype that Android phones have been stuck for a long time, and snapdragon 835 models that have been used for more than three years are everywhere. For example, Xiaomi 6, which is equipped with Xiaolong 835, is still full of combat power, and there are many mobile game players who are still using Xiaomi 6 to gallop the battlefield.

The reason why snapdragon 835, a processor released a few years ago, can be regarded as “God” is that it not only has excellent performance, but also has reached a very high level of power consumption and heat control.

For mobile games, power consumption and heat control are really too important, which directly determines the game experience and the key to victory or defeat in the war. No matter how good the performance of the processor, serious heat and power consumption, will become a chicken rib, followed by the inevitable frequency reduction, frame dropping, stuck, seriously affecting the game experience. Qualcomm is well versed in this, so at the beginning of its design, it took into account the dual balance of performance and power consumption, improved performance and reduced heat and power consumption at the same time, instead of just pursuing instantaneous peak performance and ignoring power consumption and heat control, as some of its friends do.

The history is always astonishingly similar. After four years, when the new generation of mobile flagship platform, Xiaolong 888, was officially unveiled at the 2020 Xiaolong technology summit, many people began to say that “Xiaolong 888 has the flavor of Xiaolong 835”. They seem to have known each other before, but they are more advanced. Here comes the real successor of Shenji Qiangxin Xiaolong 835!

Xiaolong 888 uses Samsung 5nm process technology, fine “core” work, performance jump. The upgraded kryo680 CPU architecture inherits the 1 + 3 + 4 design commonly used by snapdragon 8 series flagship chips in recent years. This design method can make the performance and power level subdivision of different CPU cores more diversified, and the CPU efficiency will be better, and the power consumption and heating will be lower, and the energy efficiency ratio will be more outstanding. Compared with other 5nm processors, snapdragon 888 can consistently provide ultra-high game performance in the process of playing mobile games. Unlike some friendly products, snapdragon 888 will not decline in performance over time due to fever and frequency reduction.

The reason why snapdragon 888 has such excellent energy efficiency is that in addition to the 5nm process and architecture upgrade, another extremely important factor is the integration of snapdragon X60, the third generation 5g baseband of Qualcomm. Snapdragon 888 is the first integrated flagship 5g chip of Qualcomm. The integrated design significantly improves the endurance under 5g and solves the problem of increasing power consumption caused by repeated network searching due to unstable connection.

In addition, the Xiaolong x605g baseband integrated with Xiaolong 888 is also made with 5nm advanced technology, with smaller core area, further improvement of heating and power consumption, and more extreme network speed when playing games on mobile phones. Moreover, the reduction of power consumption not only reduces the calorific value, but also improves the battery life of 5g mobile phones. Even if you play mobile games continuously for a long time, you have to worry about the power loss too fast, and the combat power is in urgent need.

GPU is crucial to the experience of playing mobile games. For a long time, with its excellent performance in playing mobile games, Qualcomm snapdragon processor chip has been highly recognized by gamers. One reason is that the Adreno GPU on snapdragon core is very powerful. Snapdragon 888 has upgraded its new adreno660 GPU. Compared with the previous generation, its graphics performance has increased by 35%, and its energy consumption has decreased by 20%. This is the most significant improvement in the history of Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU, providing important hardware support for mobile games. At the same time, Xiaolong 888 also integrates the third-generation elitegaming technology specially designed for playing mobile games, which can optimize the touch response time in milliseconds, support the end game level forward rendering and rendering up to 144 frames of super smooth games, greatly improving the comprehensive performance of Xiaolong 888 when playing mobile games.

There is no doubt that the God level strong core has a successor. It is expected that snapdragon 8885g chip will become the “God class strong core” of 5g version, providing core support for Android flagship and top game mobile phones in 2021. At present, red devils, Rog and other manufacturers have confirmed that they will launch the game mobile phone with snapdragon 888 in the first quarter of 2021. Mobile game players will soon be able to experience the unprecedented mobile game experience.

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