Recently, the cloud platform of Xi’an aviation big data center jointly built by Xi’an Aviation base and Tencent cloud was officially launched, marking that the first big data platform of aviation industry in China has entered the trial operation stage, which will further reduce the cloud service cost of enterprises under the jurisdiction and accelerate the informatization development process of enterprises.

As a new public service platform of Xi’an Aviation base, Xi’an aviation big data center is mainly divided into four parts: cloud platform, application system (including collaborative manufacturing, scientific and technological achievements, industrial analysis, industrial application market, etc.), supporting hardware facilities and visual exhibition hall. At present, all the construction has been completed, and has successfully passed the preliminary test of the project, and officially entered the trial operation stage 。

Xi'an Aviation uses industrial Internet products to provide cloud computing and other types of cloud services

Among them, the cloud platform, as the core of Xi’an aviation big data center, will provide cloud computing, cloud storage, industrial application, industrial analysis, data visualization and other types of cloud services with portal, mobile application software and wechat client as the interactive interface. With the development of cloud business of enterprises, Xi’an aviation big data center will gather large and medium-sized aviation enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities, service institutions and other units. Through the comprehensive resource integration and information sharing of market, equipment, production capacity, talents, scientific and technological achievements, industrial application and other comprehensive resources integration and information sharing, Xi’an aviation big data center will realize the precise docking of supply and demand matching, and promote the integration and development of large and medium-sized aviation enterprises.

“According to the trial operation of Xi’an aviation big data center, we will further enrich the service content, improve the function construction, form a stable operation mode, improve the operation effect, and give full play to the role of the platform to serve the development of enterprises in the jurisdiction area.” Xi’an Aviation base science and technology innovation bureau business director Zhang Kun said. Based on the big data of aviation industry planning and analysis, Xi’an aviation industry development trend can be summarized and analyzed in time.

The intelligent technology platform and rich service content have attracted the favor of many enterprises in the jurisdiction. At present, the technology docking in the early stage is being carried out to prepare for enterprises to go to the cloud. It is understood that in order to do a good job in the operation and maintenance of Xi’an aviation big data center and the management services of cloud enterprises, Xi’an Aviation base has continuously strengthened the construction of professional talent team, and absorbed high-level personnel with rich experience and professional technology in aviation manufacturing, cloud computing, platform operation, etc., so as to provide solid foundation for the market-oriented operation of the project and the development of industrial Internet products Staffing and technical support.

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