At present, the “double line operation” tests the determination and determination of the connotation reform of the aviation industry. Since the resumption of work and production, the lean factory construction has overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic and made continuous and steady progress. All units of Xi’an airlines of aviation industry give full play to the production organization characteristics of Lean Factory pull, flexibility and punctuality, and promote the “two hands and no mistake” of Xi’an Airlines epidemic prevention and control and orderly resumption of work and production. Now, let’s look at how the lean reform team does it~~

Scientific assessment and overall planning

Compendium: after the resumption of work and production, on the premise of ensuring that the construction goal of lean factory this year remains unchanged, AVIC West Airlines immediately organized all professional factories to apply Lean analysis tools again to evaluate the impact of epidemic prevention and control on personnel arrival, production organization, upstream and downstream coordination, raw materials and finished product support, Timely revise the 2020 lean plant construction plan and implementation plan of each professional plant, and organize the implementation.

Seamless coordination: “factory department coordination” is the key work of Xi’an Airlines Lean Factory Construction in 2020. At present, various professional factories have been organized to identify the needs and existing problems in the process of lean factory construction, form the 2020 inter factory collaboration and factory department collaboration demand list, and require relevant functional departments to solve them through AIW rapid improvement, Lean Six Sigma project or incorporated into the departmental lean improvement scheme.

Degree of execution and termination: revise the element table of lean unit operation control documents as the reference basis for the preparation and revision of lean unit operation control documents of various professional factories. At the same time, organize all professional factories to revise the unit operation control documents against the standard element table in combination with the progress of lean unit construction, so as to support the stable and independent operation of the unit.

Flexible means: during the epidemic, the original lean regular meetings of assembly, parts and support held at the production site every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were changed to voice regular meetings held on the commercial network office platform. The speech regular meeting shall communicate the progress of each unit in the lean promotion process, and provide guidance and correction in time.

Expand the platform: increase the release frequency of audio courseware of lean micro classroom, and provide you with more offline learning resources. In addition to the release of lean assembly number and Lean Factory Construction Group on the commercial network platform, employees can also learn under the home page of the park network – AOS management system – lean information module.

Internal training vitality: the training of internal trainer team in lean factory construction is also carried out in the form of voice teaching on the commercial network platform. Meanwhile, the AOS night school originally scheduled to open in mid and late March will choose voice teaching or centralized face-to-face teaching according to the epidemic situation.

Focus on Implementation: extend the main body of on-site improvement from professional factory to unit, establish an internal lean improvement team and implement independent improvement.

Innovative means and coordinated promotion

Innovation and collaborative promotion of Lean Factory Construction

The final assembly plant carefully evaluates risks, strengthens internal control, innovates and cooperates to promote the construction of lean factory. Cooperate with relevant departments and factories through network meetings and “special personnel” to improve the work efficiency of “inter factory cooperation and factory department cooperation”; Adjust the “overall appearance inspection” to the “overall process inspection” mode to shorten the cycle by 2 days; During the epidemic period, innovate the military inspection mode with user representatives, formulate control measures for the military inspection process, and realize the smooth delivery of aircraft; Continue to carry out process optimization, centralized tool control, equipment maintenance and finished product information sharing of “inter plant and factory Department”, and orderly promote the goal of “improving aircraft physical quality and balanced delivery capacity, and fully completing scientific research and production tasks” of the final assembly plant.

Break the rules and fire

In order to ensure more lean, efficient and punctual information transmission, the fuselage assembly plant makes full use of remote interactive office tools, implements dynamic QR code online attendance, guides production with technology, and leads technological development with innovation. Online technical exchanges are held three times a week to improve the management “microcirculation” through online sqcdp sooner or later.

During production, while carrying out multi model development and production line capacity improvement planning, the fuselage assembly plant is faced with the difficulty that each fuselage supplier cannot arrive at the post. The digital intelligent assembly unit takes the initiative to undertake the tasks of high-precision measurement and data analysis of some suppliers. In the face of difficulties, they fully mobilized the unit’s resources, opened all firepower, broke the old rules, disassembled the work by hour, reorganized and matched the personnel in the unit, dispatched the personnel of the general assembly team to assist in the acceleration of components, reasonably cross operation of multiple groups of personnel, serial to parallel, single shift to three shifts, staggered peak acceleration, and then adjusted the personnel to the general assembly station after the completion of components, The process technicians also follow the production in the wrong shift to ensure the continuous service guarantee line during the rush period, explore a series of new rush plan arrangement, safety management, quality management and other methods, and shorten the production cycle of middle fuselage assembly by 9 days for the first time.

Realize grid supervision and management

The leaders of the lean processing center are rooted in the production site, sub regional lump sum management, realize the grid supervision and management system, and coordinate and assist the unit to carry out scientific research and production and epidemic prevention and control; The center comprehensively combs the delay of production tasks, actively communicates with the Department and equipment to confirm the assembly nodes, uses a variety of lean tools to clarify the rush objectives of multiple units, combs the part families affected by the epidemic situation on key delivery nodes according to teams, and revises the production operation plan according to “priorities”; According to the lean thinking, each unit compacts the production scheduling and acceleration plan, and takes measures such as one specialty and multiple abilities, one person and multiple machines, and adjusting the shift sequence to make up for the job vacancy caused by employee isolation; Overcome the problem of waiting for parts turnover, take the initiative to improve the speed of parts turnover and contribute to rapid output and efficient delivery.

“Double line operation” to comprehensively promote the construction of Lean Factory

In 2020, with the goal of “ensuring continuous production, balanced delivery and comprehensively promoting the construction of lean factories”, the heat treatment plant takes technology improvement as the main line, delivery of high-quality products as the core, and focuses on “grasping process control and promoting quality improvement, document quality and technology improvement, management and control ability and efficiency improvement, personnel training and literacy improvement”, Comprehensively promote the construction of lean factories.

In order to speed up the promotion pace of lean plant construction, the heat meter treatment plant organizes the business office to actively carry out plant department coordination from the aspects of technological innovation, product quality improvement, safety and energy consumption control, continuously optimize the unit production process and improve the collaborative manufacturing capacity; Clarify the main line of lean promotion of the unit, and take the personalized improvement of operation control and on-site personalized improvement as the starting point to ensure the steady improvement of the comprehensive ability of the lean unit; Through the in-depth discussion on the coordination paths of factory Department, inter factory, business room and unit, unit and unit, 4 coordination schemes of factory Department are finally determined, and a total of 24 improvement projects of business room and unit, such as electronic original records, explicit production control, fast in and fast out information flow of parts, have been compiled and issued, and the implementation plan of each work has been defined in the form of responsibility list Improve the objectives and relevant responsible persons, and lay a good foundation for steadily promoting the construction of annual lean factory.

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