I don’t know when to start. Idle fish has become the first source of Intel processors to sneak away. Recently, there were 22 core 44 threads and 5GHz core i9-10990xe processor. Now the more powerful Xeon w-3375x processor, 56 core 112 thread, and full core 5.1ghz.

The X suffix means that this may be the same overclocking model as the previous Xeon w-3175x, focusing on fever grade workstation products.

According to the seller’s introduction, the frequency of Xeon w-3375x reaches 5161mhz, which should not be the default frequency, but after overclocking. After all, he changed the liquid gold heat dissipation.

At present, Intel has achieved dual core 56 core in the second generation Xeon scalable processor, namely cascade Lake AP, which is also packaged by BGA and belongs to Xeon platinum 9200 series.

According to the name of idle fish leak, this processor should be the third generation Xeon scalable processor, code named Cooper lake. This generation only has 56 core 112 thread processor with LGA socket, which has not been released yet.

However, the Xeon w-3375x processor is still skylake-sp architecture in CPU-Z, and the TDP is as high as 655w, much higher than the 400W previously mentioned by Intel.

In any case, there are some contradictions in this processor. The 56 core 5.1ghz and 655w TDP are parameters that break through the sky. If it is not the idle fish seller PS, the implementation can’t imagine how Intel can make such a CPU.

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