Water is the source of life. Without good drinking habits, it is easy for the body to lack water, which will have a certain impact on the health of the body. Many people are always very involved in their work or work. They not only forget the time, but also forget to drink water. This is not a good habit;

The traditional thermos cup cannot know the temperature before drinking water, and it will burn your mouth if you are not careful. If you want to drink water without scalding your mouth, you need a water cup that can display the temperature, a thermos cup that knows the cold and the hot, and can supervise you to drink more water by voice prompt. How can you achieve this function?

Wt588f02kd-24ss realizes LED drive + voice broadcast function

Wt588f02kd-24ss (ssop24 package) is a special chip with keyboard scanning interface led (light emitting diode display (4 bits)) drive control and voice broadcast function. The chip can accommodate up to 240 seconds of voice content. The chip also integrates MCU extensible function, led nixie tube drive interface, keyboard scanning interface, etc. This product can be used in the display driven voice broadcast circuit of small household appliances such as induction cooker, microwave oven, intelligent water cup, etc.

Wt588f02kd-24ss functional features

(1) Use IIC (CLK, DIO) within 5K Kbps;

(2) Keyboard scanning (8x2bit), with enhanced anti-interference key identification circuit, which enhances the anti-interference performance of keys;

(3) With key wake-up, active scanning function and key return;

(4) Customers can change the internal voice content of the chip online through the supporting downloader;

(5) It can support the display mode of LED (light emitting diode display (4-bit)) —- 8 segments x 4 bits, that is, it can support common cathode nixie tube output;

(6) Built in circuit for brightness adjustment —- duty cycle is adjustable at 8 levels, and 1K frequency is used;

(7) At the same time, it can support the independent dimming of 32 light-emitting diodes of the four digit nixie tube;

Extended application

(1) It can support 4-bit nixie tube brightness adjustment (10 can be expanded);

(2) Support 32 LED dimming;

(3) With key wake-up, active scanning function and key return;

(4) Built in brightness adjustment circuit —- duty cycle is adjustable at 8 levels, and 1K rating is used

(5) It can control the digital tube to display different characters, and can also adjust a single digital tube;

(6) Customers can also change the internal voice of the chip online through the supporting downloader.

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