The gas alarm is an alarm instrument for detecting gas leakage. When the gas alarm detects a certain gas concentration, the gas alarm will send an audio alarm signal to remind people that the gas has leaked, pay attention to safety, thereby reducing the occurrence of dangerous accidents. Natural gas is a colorless and odorless gas, and there is no leakage when leaking. Therefore, it is also very necessary to place a gas alarm at home;

The Value of Adding Voice to Gas Alarms

1. The real voice alarm is more direct and real than the simple sound effect alarm.When gas leakage occurs, some models with only a buzzer alarm device can only emit a simple sound effect alarm sound. The owner of the household who purchased the installation heard the alarm sound and knew that it was a gas leak. However, if the head of the household is not at home, there are only the elderly, children, or guests staying at home, they may not know what happened, which may lead to accidents. The alarm is added with a real voice alarm function, which can directly transmit the gas leakage information, which is clear and clear, so that they can immediately know the gas leakage and take appropriate measures.

WT588F02X-8S is a newly developed WT588F02X-8S. It is a low-cost, built-in power amplifier, 16-bit DSP voice chip with storage, 32Mhz internal oscillation, and 16-bit PWM decoding. WT588F02X-8S can accommodate 170~320 seconds of voice. It can directly drive 8R0.5W speaker output, and can also connect to an external DAC power amplifier. Users can update voice content online through the supporting downloader without repeated proofing; and the chip has built-in hardware SPI, UART, IIC, comparators and other resources , can customize a variety of personalized functional products for customers.

WT588F02X-8S Pin Definition Diagram

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