1) When the PLC is in run mode, K20 is sent to the preset value register sv100. If the reset behavior is off at this time, K20 in sv100 is sent to the pass value register EV100.

2) Each time the rising edge of a counter logic line x0 (state change from off to on) is detected, the value in EV100 is counted by 1.

3) When the value in EV100 decreases to “0”, the contact of counter C100 acts and remains, that is, the normally open contact is closed and the normally closed contact is open.

4) When the rising edge of reset logic line X1 (i.e. off → on) is detected, each contact of C100 is reset. When the falling edge of reset line X1 (on → off state change) is detected again, the value K20 in sv100 is transmitted to EV100 again for counting.

5) During counting, if the off → on state of the reset line changes, EV100 is reset to “0”, but the contact of C100 does not act. Until the reset line changes from on → off, the value K20 in sv100 is sent to EV100 again.

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