With the development of China’s industry 4.0, equipment manufacturing, and the Internet of things, the demand for motors will grow in the future, and the trend of intelligent motor systems will become more and more obvious. As an important participant in the field of motors, Jihai is actively expanding the product layout of the motor market, helping the rapid development of the era of high-efficiency motors.

On November 17, 2021, the “electronic enthusiast motor control advanced technology seminar” was successfully held in Shenzhen. A number of apm32 series chips with high performance, large capacity, low power consumption and high integration were exhibited in Jihai, which were widely used in smart home, industrial automation, intelligent travel and other application fields together with motor drive, industrial fan, household vacuum cleaner, industrial EtherCAT module, robot joint servo and other application schemes.

exhibition scene

Interview site

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Mr. luxinhui, the senior sales manager of Jihai, was invited to attend and accept the interview. He introduced the achievements and market progress of Jihai in the BLDC field in recent years, and discussed the future trend of the motor market and the future planning of Jihai in the motor field.


awarding ceremony

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In the annual selection activity of “2021 BLDC motor technology market performance award” held at the same time of the seminar, Jihai apm32f030 Series MCU won the award of “2021 BLDC motor controller top ten master chips”.

In the future, the market will surely face more changes and challenges. Jihai hopes to work with colleagues in the industry to create a more perfect ecological chain of the semiconductor industry, create a sustainable electronic industry environment, and jointly promote the industrialization of domestic chips!


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