Foxconn started with OEM, which can be called the iPhone shipment guarantee, but Foxconn has also been wearing the “OEM” hat in recent years, which is also equal to the “blood and tears factory”. Although it is a halo and opportunity to give Apple OEM, it is also a potential risk, because Apple has made most of its profits after all, and OEM manufacturers only earn meager profits.

But now Foxconn has a new plan, that is, it plans to lay off 80% of its employees within five years. After all, Foxconn now has tens of thousands of employees, and the huge labor cost is rising, forcing Foxconn to improve its production line. In this regard, Foxconn founder Gou Taiming said: Foxconn will lay off 80% of its employees within five years because these robots can work.

Why is Foxconn so urgent? Recently, due to pneumonia, many employees could not return to work normally, including iPhone and domestic mobile phone manufacturers, who were injured, and there was a shortage of supply.

Let robots replace manual operation, which is a new action of Foxconn. These simple tasks are replaced by robots. They can improve accuracy and labor efficiency, which will still be the trend in the future. In fact, since 2011, Foxconn has proposed to assemble 1 million robots in 5 to 10 years, but the “million robots” plan does not seem to go well. But now that Foxconn revisits this plan, it seems that it is time to change it.

In order to promote the robot plan, Gou gave three plans. In the first stage, robots are used to replace repetitive and dangerous work; The second stage is to improve the production line and improve efficiency; In the third stage, the whole factory will enter the automation stage, so as to minimize the manpower required, and the manpower is only responsible for inspection and other work. This also means that after the mobile phone is released, it can be mass produced quickly.

If the robot plan is implemented, Foxconn will have to lay off workers step by step. The biggest harm is the tens of thousands of workers in Foxconn. What do you think?

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