When it comes to graffiti intelligence, people will think that we are doing smart home and whole house customization. But we are not only involved in families, but also hotels, airports and other places. We are more like the aiot developer platform. ” Fu Qiang, vice president of graffiti intelligence, said in an interview with us.

Graffiti intelligence, founded in 2014, has provided traditional brands and factories with one-stop artificial intelligence internet of things solutions for many years, and has grown into a mature Internet of things technology platform. Now it gradually breaks the boundaries of the industry, and wants to establish a new business ecology with Internet of things technology as the core, enabling the transformation of traditional industries. With the development of “new infrastructure” and 5g, the Internet of things is no longer an armchair concept, and the Internet of things technology has ushered in a new development opportunity. Fu Qiang, vice president of graffiti intelligence, shared with us the development trend of the Internet of things in the new era and the aiot Developer Platform of graffiti intelligence at the Xixi Lun Shu Forum on June 22.

“With the vigorous construction of new infrastructure, we believe that in the next two or three years, the Internet of all things will gradually move towards the era of full scene intelligent perception.” Fu Qiang said that since the outbreak this year, he has felt that there are two obvious trends in the Internet of things: first, it has accelerated the unification of equipment standards. He said that before 2018, there were no standards for Wi Fi, Bluetooth and other links. Now after the release of wi-fi6 standard, it is conducive to subsequent data collection; Second, the popularity of artificial intelligence, 5g and Internet of things provides space support for the interconnection of everything. 5g can support the interconnection of 260000 devices in a space. Accelerate the advent of the era of Internet of things, which is not only limited to indoor scenes, but also can be extended to outdoor scenes.

With the vigorous construction of new infrastructure, the Internet of things will gradually move towards the era of full scene intelligent perception

At the same time, Fu Qiang also mentioned that the Internet of things industry is very complex and involves a large amount of data. In order to promote the Internet of things more orderly and quickly, he put forward several suggestions: “I hope you can integrate the process and data of enterprises in the era of big data. In the past, when we were enterprises, we mainly relied on process driven, while in the era of data, we relied on mixed process and data driven.” Taking Fuyang manufacturing factory as an example, graffiti intelligence launched cloud intelligent manufacturing system for them in the absence of artificial during the epidemic period, which helped the factory reduce the number of defective finished products, improve work efficiency, and shorten the delivery cycle by about 32%. According to Fu Qiang, more than 90% of domestic manufacturing enterprises rely on people, most of which are equipment + people operation. Cloud computing and Internet of things can solve this problem well and help enterprises gradually get rid of the dependence on people.

It is understood that in the six years since its establishment, doodle intelligence has connected nearly 100 million terminal devices, and has carried out more than 40 million voice interactions every day. It has grown into a mature aiot developer platform. Fu Qiang recalled that it was not easy to start the Internet of things with graffiti intelligence, but they thought about three things clearly. The first is how to make the overall device easy to use from the perspective of consumers. At present, graffiti has realized that in one scene, only the graffiti app can control all devices, realize the interconnection and common, and let consumers realize the experience of on the go without perception; Second, graffiti solves the problem of rapid product development and manufacturing. It introduces graffiti intelligence, and establishes a one-stop developer platform, including cloud technology and client technology. Partners can freely connect business with platform technology to realize rapid development and manufacturing of products; The last point is to quickly reach the consumers after the products and services are well done, so graffiti intelligence has established a foundation for cooperation with global chain enterprises and large-scale channel providers, reaching the C-end users through the b-end distributors.

COVID-19’s raging this year has greatly affected the global economic development, and even cut off the traditional sense of “connection”, and the choice of graffiti intelligence is now linking the developers of the world at the “cloud” side. In June, graffiti intelligence officially released the graffiti cloud development platform to meet the three requirements of data storage and analysis, device connection management and application development of developers. In addition to cloud development platform, doodle intelligent IOT development platform also includes hardware development platform and app development platform, and provides SaaS of more than seven vertical industries. According to reports, the powered by Tuya hardware product ecosystem created by graffiti intelligence can enable more than 90000 products and provide complete software and hardware development tools such as app SDK, applet and data API, including more than 400 development free solutions and more than 800 MCU SDKs. At present, graffiti cloud development platform is ready for all developers, providing comprehensive support from hardware, cloud, OS to SaaS. As of April 2020, doodle cloud development platform has more than 1000 kinds of open interface capabilities, with 20000 cloud developers, 300 million daily interface calls and 3 billion daily device messages. Doodle cloud development platform can help developers develop personalized IOT platform, PAAS and SaaS level solutions.

Now, with the epidemic gradually under control, more and more industries are showing a recovery trend. Instead of cutting the world apart, aiot has opened up new connections for the world in an intelligent way. Fu Qiang also said that graffiti intelligence will respond to the call of “new infrastructure” this year to create a national developer ecology and build an era of interconnection.

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