According to the news on December 3, 2019, the industrial field of flash memory market will launch high-specification products with the rise of 5g and aiot next year. Yiding international took the lead in introducing cfexpress memory card with new SSD technology. Compared with the past specifications, its transmission speed has been greatly improved by more than three times. Due to the accelerated development of industries led by 5g and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the future, various independent edge computing devices need to quickly improve processing efficiency, especially for terminal applications with high requirements for reading and writing speed, such as 8K / 6K high-resolution cameras, 4K UAVs, casino gambling game equipment, and various independent edge computing devices. Yiding cfexpress memory card not only provides a more complete guarantee for deploying edge applications, but also integrates high-performance and strong solid product design to further help 5g applications land quickly.

The CF memory card introduced by Yiding is PCIe gen3x2, which can provide 2GB / s high-speed transmission speed. In addition, with the advent of 5g era, network infrastructure software and programs often need to be iterated and updated. Therefore, compared with traditional memory cards, CF memory cards are easier to disassemble in appearance design and support hot plug, which can provide high convenience for maintenance and management of terminal servers, routers and other basic network devices. In terms of data security protection, Yiding CF memory card adds physical switch and write protection functions, which can effectively prevent the stored contents from being tampered with. Therefore, it is especially suitable for high-risk equipment, such as in casino environment. In many strong industrial applications, Yiding’s CF card products support end-to-end data transmission protection (etep), effectively reduce energy consumption, optimize heat dissipation performance and further enhance the stability of CF card.

Yidingxin cfexpress memory card series products adopt type B packaging; Industrial grade MLC or 3D TLC NAND flash memory is available for users to choose, and 512gb super capacity can be provided. It is expected that large-scale market opportunities will be opened after 5g is imported.

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