With the development of display and touch technology, more and more convenient human-computer interaction ports come into people’s view. From curved screen to folding screen mobile phone, flexible touch has entered a new era.

With the rapid development of flexible touch, transparent conductive film ushers in new opportunities

Not long ago, after Huawei and Samsung, another mobile phone manufacturer, Xiaomi, released the concept of surround screen mobile phone mix alpha, which is a truly disruptive product. Xiaomi company has set up a team of nearly 1000 people and spent two years to build a boutique. Xiaomi company just sees the great potential of the future of flexible touch and wants to seize a piece of high ground in advance. Flexible touch is the development direction of electronic devices in the future, which is beyond doubt. Coupled with the rapid development of 5g technology and new technology, it is promoting the development of flexible, folding display and touch technology. The diversification of intelligent terminal devices has become the mainstream direction in the future.

The devices made by flexible display technology have the advantages of small volume, easy bending and portability, so the market demand is growing. However, in the traditional display, in order to reduce the thickness of the display and easy to bend, the polarizer is usually omitted, which leads to poor display effect and makes the viewer unable to enjoy high-quality visual sense. Therefore, it is necessary to find a flexible material with excellent performance.

With the rapid development of flexible touch, transparent conductive film ushers in new opportunities

Graphene and silver nanowires are recognized as flexible materials in the scientific community, and they are widely used in flexible electronic devices. With the advent of communication technology, Internet of things and human-computer interaction, the development trend of large-size flexible touch is rapid, and the traditional ITO materials can not meet the development requirements of the screen. Graphene and silver nanowires have many advantages, such as high conductivity, low square resistance, bending and rubbing resistance, wide source of raw materials and low manufacturing cost. Therefore, graphene silver nanowires become the best alternative material for large size and flexible touch screen.

The change of electronic device screen shape has brought revolutionary business opportunities for graphene, silver nanowires and other new materials. Technology companies speed up the research of graphene silver nanowires transparent conductive film, seize the “fast train” of the development of the times, and take the lead in seizing a place. It is believed that in the future, with the improvement of science and technology, graphene silver nanowires transparent conductive film will be widely used in all aspects of human beings.


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