In recent years, with the continuous development of embedded technology, the application of embedded industrial control computer in industrial control computer is more and more mature. The industrial control computer products based on embedded system have become the main trend of industrial control industry.

The main structure of embedded computer can be divided into five types: 1. All steel case. All steel case of industrial computer is designed according to the standard, anti shock, anti vibration, anti electromagnetic interference, and the passive backplane compatible with PC bus can be installed inside.

2. Slot backplane bus expansion slot of composition of passive backplane. The bus expansion slot can select the extended ISA bus, PCI bus and PCI-E bus according to the actual application, which are selected according to the needs of several certain users. However, according to the number and location specifications of the expansion slots of pcimg bus users, there are various versions of hybrid bus in need. All kinds of pluggable backplane, including CPU card, display card, control card, I / O card.

3. Industrial power supply. In the early days, before Intel Pentium processor, switching power supply was mainly used for industrial control computers, and ATX power supply was mainly used for PCs. the average time between failures was 250000 hours.

With the rapid development of embedded industrial computer, the future market is very good

4. CPU card, there are many IPC CPU cards, according to the size and length of the card can be split into half width, using desktop system processor, motherboard users can see any matching their needs. Its main features are: operating temperature 0-60 ℃; with hardware “watchdog” timer; there are also most embedded CPU cards with low power requirements using a series of CPUs.

5. Other accessories, other accessories of industrial computer are basically compatible with PC, mainly including CPU, memory, graphics card, hard disk, floppy disk drive, keyboard, mouse, optical drive, display, etc.

IPC has been widely used in all aspects of industry and people’s life. For example: control site, road and bridge control charging system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication security, intelligent traffic control system, building monitoring and security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tool, oil tanker, financial information processing, petrochemical data collection and processing, physical exploration, field portable operation, environmental protection, military industry, electricity Railway, highway, aerospace, subway, intelligent building, outdoor advertising, etc.

The embedded industrial computer solves the problems of the traditional industrial control computer, such as the large volume, the difficulty of disassembling and so on. At present, the potential of industrial control computer in various industries is continuously explored, the market demand is more and more vigorous, and the role of industrial control computer is more and more important. Industrial control computer, industrial mainboard, data acquisition board, application system and other industry chain related manufacturers will usher in an important development opportunity, and the future market prospect of industrial control computer is very considerable.


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