The SDK simplifies wireless protocol interoperability across ecosystems through common components that can be used for gateways, wireless access points and Internet of things terminal products

Beijing, China – September 15, 2021 – silicon labs (also known as “core technology”, NASDAQ: slab), a global leader committed to building a more interconnected world with secure and intelligent wireless technology, today announced the launch of its integrated software development kit (unify SDK), which can provide common components to achieve connectivity across the Internet of things (IOT) ecosystem. Now, developers of Internet of things cloud services and platforms can design world-class functions in their devices and gateways, and can be confident that these products can interoperate between existing and emerging wireless protocols. The unify SDK can provide ready-made protocol specific conversion functions for Z-Wave and ZigBee (available from now on), and plans to support Bluetooth, thread, opensync and matter, so as to greatly simplify the interoperability of Internet of things wireless networks and support enterprises to expand smart home, urban, architectural and industrial ecosystems.

“Silicon Labs’ unify SDK takes the industry an important step forward, bringing it closer to a world where all IOT wireless devices can easily work together across multiple industries and at home.” Matt Johnson, President of silicon labs, said. “With the powerful function of ‘design once, support all’, the unify SDK can simplify the update process, so as to speed up the product launch, simplify maintenance and ensure that the investment is not outdated. This is the first time that Internet of things suppliers can support multiple Internet of things devices including gateways by developing and maintaining a single software code base, and can easily add wireless protocol support when necessary.”

Protocol interoperability and enabling of matter

With the explosive growth of the Internet of things market, the unify SDK of silicon labs came into being. It will deal with a series of wireless protocols and more than 600 Internet of things platforms around the world. The Internet of things industry is ready to go. It is about to confirm that the matter standard has become a unified connection standard in the industry. In our expectation, IOT developers can continue to develop their products and platforms using the unify SDK, and easily realize cross platform wireless communication with matter devices after the confirmation of matter standards. For example, ZigBee Based smart speakers can perform the software upgrade function of the unify SDK to enable matter, and then run both protocols at the same time, which not only retains the existing investment, but also allows the addition of new wireless technologies. Matter is supported by apple, Amazon, Comcast, Google, Schneider Electric and many other ecosystem participants. The unify SDK will help accelerate the adoption of matter in the industry, so as to expand the Internet of things platform to realize communication across ecosystems and wireless protocols.

More than 15 million Internet of things gateway products are developed using series 1 and series 2 wireless solutions of silicon labs. These products are also the core significance of the new unify SDK. When the matter standard confirms that it can enter the market, the unify SDK will help these gateway products achieve compatibility with matter. Similarly, enterprises can choose to use the unify SDK of silicon labs to develop Internet of things products for existing wireless protocols (including ZigBee and Z-Wave), and then use the unify SDK to easily activate the matter network communication function in their product portfolio when the time is ripe.

“The complexity of developing wireless connectivity products may be reaching its highest point. As matter is getting closer to entering the market and wireless development tools can support more and more protocols, we are entering an era in which wireless development can be simplified.” Lee Ratliff, senior chief analyst of Internet of things and connectivity at omdia, an international market research institution, said. “The demand for connectivity in all walks of life continues to rise rapidly. With the progress of Internet of things technology solutions, the burden on developers will be reduced. We can look forward to seeing better and smarter applications in the future.”

Simpler and faster development can save time and cost

By providing common and well-defined data model application programming interface (API) and state definition functions for commonly used Internet of things services (such as adding, updating and removing devices), silicon Labs’ unify SDK can simplify and accelerate development. Protocol drivers can convert commonly used Internet of things services into protocol specific formats, such as ZigBee and Z-Wave. The unify SDK provides a set of modular and extensible software components in the form of source code to simplify the interoperability between Internet of things wireless protocols. Various Internet of things applications can benefit from the unify SDK, including gateways, wireless access points, hubs, bridges and host processor based terminal products (such as smart speakers, thermostats, smoke alarms and cameras). By using the unify SDK of silicon labs, IOT developers can focus on their core applications and bring their products to the market in a faster and more cost-effective way.

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The unify SDK for Z-Wave and ZigBee is now available. Support for Bluetooth, thread, matter and more protocols will be added to the unify SDK in 2022. It can now be downloaded through GitHub.

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