The network transmission speed is faster and faster, and people have more and more demand for hard disk. In addition to the running speed, the hard disk capacity is also an important factor for users to make purchase decisions. As representatives of these two aspects, SSD and mechanical hard disk (hereinafter referred to as HDD) have their own advantages. Who has the advantage? Dave Morton, senior vice president of Seagate, a representative of HDD field, gave his answer at the recent global technology summit held by Citibank, “SSD can never replace mechanical hard disk”.

Morton’s theoretical basis for throwing out this view mainly comes from the huge difference in manufacturing costs between the two kinds of hard disks. Morton said that in terms of cost, the cost per GB of HDD and SSD is 1:20. With the continuous improvement of hard disk capacity, the manufacturing cost per GB of HDD is gradually declining. Morton predicts that by 2020, the cost per GB of mechanical hard disk can be reduced to 0.5 cents, which SSD can’t do.

Lei Feng net (official account: Lei Feng net) thinks that HDD is really advantageous in terms of cost, but it is too early to emphasize that SSD can never replace HDD. For Seagate, blindly emphasizing the cost advantage will only narrow the development space of the company and industry.

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In the environment of faster and faster network transmission, cloud storage services are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and users have gradually formed the habit of uploading important data to the cloud. Except for some users who need to store data locally, high-capacity hard disks are no more meaningful to ordinary users than before. In addition, the reading speed of the hard disk is also an important indicator. For users, it is very necessary to open the application faster, even 0.1 seconds faster.

However, SSD is not without drawbacks. In addition to the above cost problems, there is still a certain gap between SSD and HDD in terms of life and stability. Most notably, SSD data can hardly be recovered. You need to worry about the possibility of SSD hard disk damage at all times. Therefore, for users who generally do not have much requirements for processing speed, choosing HDD is a relatively safe choice, or you can choose the method of dual hard disk – SSD is used as the system disk, and HDD is used to store data.


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