Internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technologies have developed vigorously under the tuyere, and further breakthroughs have been made in the security market and technology, driving the building intercom industry to usher in a better change trend.

At present, as a bridge connecting communities and families, the application combination of building intercom and smart home in smart community has become the development trend of the industry. At the same time, many building intercom manufacturers have begun to build a comprehensive management platform for smart community, integrating products and subsystems such as intelligent access control, video monitoring, parking lot and ladder control, so as to realize unified data aggregation and unified management, Improve the sense of security and satisfaction of community residents.

With the help of smart home and smart community, building intercom will also usher in intelligent upgrading

Smart home and smart community construction promote building intercom intelligent upgrading

On the one hand, smart home drives the expansion of building intercom function. As more and more building intercom manufacturers begin to go deep into the field of smart home and combine building intercom system with smart home system, building intercom not only has the traditional intercom unlocking function, but also integrates many convenient functions such as SMS notification, mobile app remote control, security alarm, indoor monitoring and viewing, elevator call, home control, information home and so on. Building intercom and smart home complement each other, further improving the value-added space and cost performance of both, thus bringing huge space for function expansion.

The future development direction of smart home should be practical and easy to use. With the continuous maturity and productization of smart home supporting technology, digital intercom will realize more in-depth cooperation with smart home system in its function and combine in a wider range to realize more functions.

On the other hand, the smart community promotes the integrated development of building intercom. The construction of smart community requires improving the safety and comfort of people’s living environment. Promote the creation of a community service management platform integrating cloud door ban, cloud intercom, community shopping, community information, video surveillance and home intelligent control.

Taking the intercom system as the entrance and through the smart community platform, it is conducive to extend to a variety of product lines such as property management, community security, smart parking, smart family and community business district, provide an overall solution for community and family intelligence, expand more powerful functions and diversified value-added services through the smart community platform, and better contribute to the construction of smart community, And provide intelligent services for the majority of owners.

Industry transformation and upgrading, how should manufacturers layout

With the in-depth integration of building intercom with smart home and smart community, major intercom suppliers also realize that the application combination between the two has become one of the development trends. The combination of the three can play a complementary role in terms of functionality, development and value-added space, and greatly enhance the value. The continuous melting of industry boundaries has also expanded the whole market and derived more new business opportunities.

In addition to its own building intercom manufacturers, Internet giants or traditional inter-bank enterprises also cross-border enter the market with the help of smart home.

Under the new pattern of “Internet”, building intercom manufacturers need to accelerate the pace of integration, create integrated solutions with the help of the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, and build a comprehensive management platform in order to obtain a more positive initiative. At the same time, we should find the correct positioning, upgrade according to the market demand, and provide users with better products and services.

Conclusion: building intercom plays an important role in smart home and smart community. The three complement each other and play a role in promoting the development of smart home and smart community. In the future, community shopping services, owner security services and smart elderly care services will also be integrated to truly create a livable, comfortable, safe and convenient smart community living environment.

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