With the continuous development and progress of the information society, mobile video surveillance technology has emerged in the field of digital video surveillance. As long as the video source or receiver has the mobile ability, it can be called mobile video surveillance.

As an important part of the security system, mobile video surveillance is the application of video surveillance technology in mobile networks and mobile terminals. Its purpose is to provide real-time video surveillance services for mobile terminals. It is the product of the integration of wireless network technology, streaming media technology and video surveillance technology; Based on the improvement of bandwidth, the maturity of cloud storage technology and the improvement of development platform provided by mobile phone manufacturers, mobile video monitoring is becoming more and more popular.

Now, after the mobile video monitoring is installed in each scene, as long as there is network coverage, you can monitor the real-time picture through the mobile phone, which truly achieves the freedom at any time, anywhere, and breaks through the limitations of distance and space-time.

The emergence of mobile video monitoring technology has changed the traditional security mode, and solved the problems of large equipment volume, complex installation and deployment, cumbersome wiring, passive monitoring, fixed monitoring points, poor ability to independently identify targets and so on in the traditional security solutions. Real time video interactive monitoring can be realized at any time and at any place. At present, mobile video monitoring has provided a simple, convenient, timely and real-time visual monitoring overall solution for government agencies, agriculture, enterprises, campuses, transportation, institutions, families, outdoor sports, etc.

With the development of data communication, the Internet makes security monitoring move from analog to networked application and digital era. Today, the rapid development of 5g has brought security monitoring into a new mobile video era. Among them, the more prominent is bandwidth. In the 4G era, in densely populated scenarios, due to insufficient bandwidth capacity, the network speed will become very slow. 5g can just solve this problem, especially at the scene of large emergencies.

Not only the bandwidth is high, but also the 5g network is more stable. The application scenarios of mobile monitoring are mostly mobile law enforcement, UAV, public transport, etc., but in these scenarios, there is a problem that the fluctuation of transmission is easy to cause the picture to get stuck, and the stability of 5g can provide a more stable mobile network and ensure the picture quality of mobile video monitoring.

In addition, mobile video surveillance technology has great potential in the field of smart home, and may even become a core component of smart home. As people pay more and more attention to their own security and privacy, taking the mobile monitoring front end as the center to realize the networking of monitoring and control, mobile video monitoring can ensure the personal and property safety of family members, and will inevitably become the development direction of smart home.

It is believed that in the future, with the help of 5g, Internet of things and other technologies, visual video monitoring is an inevitable trend for the development of the security industry, and the security mobile monitoring market will usher in a round of great development and enter a new era.

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