With the rapid development of science and technology, virtual games in science fiction will become a reality. Using virtual reality (VR) technology, virtual games, virtual fitting, global travel without leaving home, and even human refrigeration are becoming reality step by step. Virtual reality technology can be applied in various fields.

With the development of economy and the continuous improvement of material level, people have higher and higher requirements for leisure and entertainment. Imagine the future, the virtual game world will even become the second world of mankind. For virtual games, we can use game warehouse and holographic helmet to achieve. How to make the virtual world and the real world have the same touch? This is the standard for the success of virtual games. In my opinion, the most possible way to realize it in modern times is to use the game storehouse. The game storehouse does not need to be too big. It can be inside. It can use the stimulation of the game storehouse to convey nerves and let people feel subtle feelings. It has achieved a series of actions in the game, such as running, jumping, fighting and so on. Using VR to give people visual substitution, using the game warehouse to make people have the corresponding feeling, a preliminary virtual game was born.

With the continuous development of science and technology, how can virtual reality technology enable future life

Or, make the game warehouse larger. After people enter the game warehouse, VR is used to make the game warehouse present a virtual world, and the actions are conveyed by the electronic components they wear. In this way, in real society, people who can’t walk or run can walk, run and stand up again in the virtual world. If you have vision problems, you only need to wear special VR glasses or related instruments to directly stimulate the visual nerve, feel the scene of the virtual world and overcome physical obstacles. Of course, this is just an assumption. There are countless possibilities in the future.

Modern VR has gradually entered people’s lives, such as concerts, football matches and so on. But in the future, people can travel around the world with VR glasses. In one day, in the morning, they can climb Mount Tai to watch the rising sun. Then they can walk in Jiuzhaigou and enjoy the fascinating scenery of the lake. In the afternoon, they can enjoy the palace of art in the Louvre of France. In the evening, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake, Spend time with music in Vienna Concert Hall. Stay at home, you can enjoy different scenery, feel colorful culture, and avoid accidents, more safe and reliable. Secondly, VR technology can also be used for virtual fitting. As long as the body data is scanned and recorded, you can quickly choose and buy the right clothes, and you don’t have to imagine yourself wearing clothes in your mind.

With the continuous development of science and technology, how can virtual reality technology enable future life

Of course, virtual fitting is not only suitable for home, but also more suitable for physical stores. Each garment only needs to put out a sample to let people feel the material, size and color of the garment. In order to ensure that their body information is not leaked, they can store the information in their ID card or other cards. In addition to personal modification data, the information can only be imported, It can’t be exported. When buying clothes, insert the card that stores your own information, and then import the information of clothes. Of course, people can also use VR technology for long-distance conference or long-distance close contact communication.

In the medical technology, refrigeration is the most attractive. Controlling the temperature can make the body stop growing or slow aging. Using VR can make people’s spirit enter the virtual world, and carry out office, rest, entertainment, relaxation and other activities in the virtual world. When the medical technology meets the requirements, people will wake up from refrigeration to achieve the purpose of rebirth. Because some modern technologies can not overcome some incurable diseases, refrigeration is only for better treatment of diseases in the future.

With the advancement of mechanization and automation, people’s demand for labor force has decreased. Inevitably, some people will be laid off and unemployed. Virtual world can accommodate a large number of people, maintain social stability, drive the development of emerging related industries, promote economic prosperity, and enrich people’s spiritual world. Virtual reality is an emerging field, which is about to develop rapidly.


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