According to statistics, the average turnover rate of nurses registered in hospitals in China every year in the first year of work has reached 20%. Affected by the factors of work fatigue, dangerous environment and always retrograde, new nurses always have a sense of job burnout. Coupled with the increasing trend of aging population, nurses are more and more insufficient, and the pressure is increasing.

That is to say, on the one hand, the working pressure and environment of nurses are deteriorating, on the other hand, nurses are increasingly short of manpower. After helping countless people, the nurses looked back and found that they also needed help! So in the face of these “most beautiful rebels” and “angels in white”, how can we give substantial help?

During this year’s epidemic, on the front-line battlefield, nurses should not only be busy taking care of patients, but also pay attention to the disinfection of the surrounding environment. At the same time, they have to deliver all kinds of medical materials to doctors. High intensity work is very hard. The application of robots can replace them from high-pressure and dangerous positions, and effectively reduce the burden and pressure of nurses to a certain extent.

For example, the disinfection robot with the function of autonomous walking and obstacle avoidance can well undertake the disinfection work of nurses; At the same time, the distribution robot can also replace the nurses in the distribution of food, medicine and protective materials; In addition, all kinds of garbage removal robots and temperature measuring robots can help nurses in all aspects.

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In daily life, as early as 2018, China will usher in the robot “nurse”. It is reported that these robots can replace medical staff to perform a variety of services, such as patient data measurement, protection education, drug delivery rounds, inspection and consultation, and real-time Q & A. their application value and effect are comparable to that of real nurses, which has brought great influence and change to the whole nursing industry.

For robots, they can be 7 × The 24-hour non-stop work can also go deep into the dangerous scene, which can not only reduce the pressure, danger and burnout of nurses, but also make up for the shortage of nurses, and ensure the efficient and orderly nursing work. Based on this, machine replacement is an effective means to liberate nurses.

Of course, the application effect of robots is so good, robots have such advantages over human nurses, and many people are worried that their nursing work will be completely replaced by robots in the future. At that time, in order to relax, even lost their jobs, it is not worth the loss? Robots have changed from helpers to opponents. Should we guard against them?

In fact, these worries are superfluous. Because in terms of the existing technology, it is difficult for robots to completely replace human beings, especially for nurses, who are very important for human nature and initiative, to be completely replaced is even more difficult. In fact, robots are more of an auxiliary role, helping human nurses.

Robots replace human nurses in some simple, repetitive or dangerous links, so that human nurses have more time and energy to devote themselves to high-value links. In fact, they cooperate with each other. Human nurses are liberated with the help of robots, while robots get landing opportunities by changing people, and human-computer coexistence can complement each other.

Based on this, in a short period of time, humans don’t have to worry that their nursing work will be taken away by robots. On the contrary, human beings should make the best use of and develop robots to help human nurses relieve more pressure and liberate more value. Only in this way can “angels in white” bring us more help and care like real angels.


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