The arrival of 5g makes the originally calm communication world surging.

In 2019, known as the first year of global 5g by researchers, more than 55 telecom operators provided about 10 million customers with 5g services with a network speed 6-8 times higher than 4G. The 126000 base stations opened by domestic communication operators and service providers such as China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have laid a solid foundation for China’s 5g leading development, and the enthusiasm of all localities to build 5g base stations is also particularly high.

One year passed quickly, and China’s 5g construction goal in 2020 became clearer and clearer. At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of industry and information technology proposed to strive to achieve 5g network coverage in all prefecture level cities by the end of 2020. Under the advocacy of this policy, science and technology enterprises and market institutions have made great efforts to strengthen 5g technology research and development and equipment development, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs.

Let’s count the “big moves” of 5g vonr in the layout of science and technology enterprises. Since 2019, 5g chip manufacturers including Qualcomm, Huawei, MediaTek and Ziguang zhanrui have successively announced their commissioning progress: the 5g terminal based on Huawei Hisilicon chip has opened the world’s first 5g voice + video vonr call; Ericsson and MediaTek have successfully completed 5g vonr interoperability test; Qualcomm and ZTE have jointly realized 5g new air interface voice (5g vonr) calls.

With the breakthrough and maturity of 5g vonr technology, the Internet of things may usher in new development opportunities

According to domestic media reports, recently, vivo, Samsung and Huawei worked together to realize the 5g vonr call operation of vivo x30 mobile phone to Huawei base station in Huawei network laboratory. This news, like a stone on the water, has aroused waves in the industry. For the majority of technology enterprises, the layout based on 5g vonr has already begun.

When many science and technology enterprises rush to layout 5g vonr, the broad masses of melon eaters are covered with circles and don’t know why. For many Xiaobai, they simply know the context of 5g vonr. So what does 5g vonr mean?

From 4G to 5g, the development and change of technology are dizzying. As one of the main technologies of 4G network, volte’s main advantage is that when users make calls under 4G network, the network will not fall back to 2G or 3G, which will not affect users’ current network experience. Like volte technology, vonr refers to the realization of voice call under the condition of 5g network, which is also known as new air interface carrying voice.

In the early stage of 5g development, since 5g network transited from NSA (non independent Networking) to sa (independent Networking), volte technology based on 4G network is the main solution for voice services in this period. However, with the gradual maturity of 5g network, vonr will become the mainstream voice technology solution of 5g.

From the perspective of operators, in the early stage of 5g development, operators need to rely on 4G volte as the backbone of voice business. With the comprehensive coverage and in-depth optimization of 5g network, 5g will make full use of vonr as the mainstream voice technology solution. Vonr in 5g SA mode is a call solution based on pure 5g access. Voice services and data services are carried by 5g network and do not rely on 4G. It is the target voice solution in 5g mature development period.

Compared with the usual communication network, where is the strength of 5g call? It is more accurate to summarize with stable, high-definition and continuous network. With 5g vonr, operators will provide high-quality voice services for users without relying on 4G networks. In the world of Internet and instant messaging, users can interact with each other at any time with voice to enhance their relationship.

At present, the three technology scenarios of 5g focus on cloud computing, communication network and intelligent terminal. Objectively speaking, the application of 5g in these major fields will promote the digital transformation of traditional industries to a certain extent and bring deterministic industrial investment opportunities. In the future, with the accelerating pace of 5g scale construction, the technical value of 5g will be fully demonstrated. At the same time, with the breakthrough and maturity of vonr technology, the Internet of things may usher in new development opportunities.

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