On July 31, the 18th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) arrived as scheduled. As one of the most famous and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, many players are also looking forward to the ChinaJoy exhibition. With the theme of “technology leading the new wave of digital entertainment”, ChinaJoy 2020 has brought an all-round Carnival to the participants through many digital technology exhibitions.

It is worth mentioning that ASUS E-sports display is also brilliant in this China joy exhibition. With the blessing of luxury configuration and high-end technology, whether it is matched with Ubisoft’s mysterious new “Assassin’s Creed” or participating in the hegemony duel between AMD and Intel on the hot technology booth, the players fully feel the unique charm of ASUS E-sports display

With the blessing of top-level configuration and high-end technology, ASUS E-sports displays shine brilliantly

Luxury configuration blessing, ASUS King Kong Max play Ubisoft booth

In this China joy 2020 exhibition, players can not only see the mysterious new project “Assassin’s Creed: Dynasty” on Ubisoft’s booth, but also try out a variety of Ubisoft games through ASUS tuf gaming vg27aql1a “Little King Kong Max” video game display. Players will also be able to feel the strength of this video game display more intuitively. The golden performance combination of 170hz ultra-high refresh rate and 1ms MPRT fast response time greatly improves the fluency of game screen. At the same time, it is compatible with ASUS ELMB in g-sync With the blessing of sync technology, the picture jam, tearing and dynamic blur in the process of the game are all gone, which not only brings the players a very comfortable sense of game experience, but also the onlookers marvel at the fluency of the game picture.

In addition, the ASUS vg27aql1a Little King Kong Max electronic competition display also provides excellent picture presentation ability for Ubisoft games, which are famous for their exquisite pictures. With 2K resolution and 10bit color depth, this little King Kong Max can not only present 1.07 billion colors, but also support 130% SRG B ultra wide color gamut space and 95% dci-p3 film level color gamut coverage. Every game will become an ultimate visual feast, and the players participating in the trial also praise the image quality of this video game display. Not only that, this little King Kong Max E-sports display also conforms to VESA display hdr400 high dynamic range performance certification, with a peak brightness of up to 400nit, and the ability to display bright and dark contrast also makes the game scene more realistic.

High end technology, jueying + little King Kong Max interprets the peak of performance

In addition to Ubisoft booth, ASUS tuf gaming vg27aql1a Little King Kong Max electronic competition display also appeared on the hot technology booth, accompanied by the Rog Strix xg27uq “jueying” electronic competition display from the Rog series. These two electronic competitive displays are located on AMD display platform and Intel display platform respectively. With high-end technology and strong performance, they fully escort the wonderful duel between amd yes and Intel nice.

As a 4K electronic competitive display, Rog Xg27uq “jueying” electronic competitive display not only has the original lossless 4K image quality, but also has a refresh rate of up to 144hz. All this benefits from DSC technology, which not only does not need to use the chroma sampling method that will lose color, but also avoids the extremely complex operation of dual DP port settings. At present, many players praise the lossless 4K image quality of this electronic competitive display, and are deeply impressed Drunk in the strong sense of visual impact. In addition, this E-sports display also supports g-sync compatibility and ASUS black technology ELMB sync technology. When players enjoy the visual impact brought by 4K image quality, they don’t have to worry about being torn by Caton or dynamic blur affecting the viewing experience.

This time, ChinaJoy is wonderful. Whether it’s the refreshing new project display of Assassin’s Creed: Dynasty, or the exciting confrontation between amd platform and Intel platform, it’s very eye-catching. In addition, on Ubisoft booth, players can also get the classic “brave heart: Great War” for free, and the “Hi plus one” mission is successfully achieved. Not only that, ASUS E-sports display also provides full accompany in the whole process of China joy, providing strong performance support and exquisite picture presentation for players.

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