Today, with the rapid development of smart medical services, 5g high-speed network enables the medical field, which has brought benefits to patients in remote areas. When talking about the uneven distribution of medical resources and uneven medical level in China, Tian Wei said, “Beijing Jishuitan Hospital has different levels of cooperative hospitals. In the past, doctors had to travel a long way to grassroots hospitals for guidance and exchange when exchanging surgical design schemes, which consumed both time and energy.” Now relying on 5g communication technology and robot control, the operation can be completed through remote control, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

“5g + robot” not only realizes the remote control of orthopedic surgery robot, but also promotes the improvement of medical level in remote areas. At the same time, patients can enjoy high-quality medical services at home, realize “zero distance” of telemedicine, and solve the problem of patients in remote areas.

With the advent of intelligent era, AI technology will become a new engine of medical development

At present, orthopedic robot has been used in clinical surgery by more and more doctors. How to treat the relationship between human and robot? Tian Wei believes that robot is a great invention of human beings and our assistant, but it can never replace human beings“ Doctors in the process of treatment is a high intelligent thinking process, including emotional, mental and other subjective consciousness, robot can not completely replace the doctor for treatment, but he can be used as a doctor’s right-hand assistant.

There are always areas that human beings can’t reach, and intelligent technology is a good supplement. Tian Wei said that the use of robots can shorten the time for doctors to repeatedly practice. For example, some surgical techniques are very difficult. Doctors often have to go through 10 years of clinical practice to achieve accuracy, while robots can complete in an instant, which greatly improves the efficiency of clinical application.

With the advent of intelligent era, AI technology will become a new engine of medical development

According to Tian Wei, in addition to the successful development of orthopedic robots, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital is developing rehabilitation robots and anesthesia robots“ Beijing Jishuitan Hospital has always been in the leading level in peripheral nerve tissue anesthesia, but the anesthesia is under the guidance of ultrasound, the doctor manual operation, it is very difficult. To this end, the hospital set up a scientific research team to study how to robot the manual operation process. At the same time, in the field of AI Artificial Intelligence, we will study how to make the robot self-study the doctor’s operating habits and surgical design, and better apply it to surgery in the future. “

In addition, Beijing Jishuitan Hospital actively cooperates with scientific research units to continuously explore the preoperative diagnosis, hoping that robots can participate in more auxiliary diagnosis work. In Tian Wei’s eyes, intelligent technology is the general trend, and the progress of science and technology will eventually benefit patients, which is also the significance of intelligent medical innovation.


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