Recently, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced that Nb IOT & NR was officially incorporated into the 5g standard, the large-scale commercial application of Nb IOT accelerated, and the development of China Telecom’s Internet of things entered the fast lane.

As one of the earliest operators to deploy NB IOT services in the world, China Telecom has achieved several leading positions in NB network coverage, market scale, industry applications, platform services, etc——

In terms of network coverage, in 2017, China Telecom deployed the world’s first NB IOT commercial network with continuous coverage, the largest scale, the widest coverage and the best frequency band.

With the acceleration of Nb IOT large-scale business, the development of China Telecom Internet of things has entered a fast lane

In terms of market scale, at present, China Telecom’s NB IOT market share exceeds 50%, ranking first in the industry. NB base stations exceed 410000, Nb IOT connection scale is nearly 60 million, and Nb terminal equipment is connected to China Telecom’s open platform of Internet of things nearly 30 million, covering many fields such as intelligent meter reading, intelligent parking, intelligent street lamps, intelligent household appliances and so on.

In terms of industrial applications, in 2019, China Telecom’s NB IOT smart gas and Nb IOT smart water meter connections exceeded 10 million respectively, of which smart gas became the world’s first NB IOT application with a scale of more than 10 million. In the field of smart appliances, China Telecom NB IOT technology has helped many home appliance enterprises complete the digital transformation. Among them, Midea Group has more than 40000 NB IOT shared washing machines. Through China Telecom’s high-quality Internet of things services, the success rate of placing orders is as high as 99.9%.

In terms of platform services, China Telecom Internet of things open platform (ctwing) provides leading NB services such as heartbeat free, intelligent congestion scheduling, remote upgrade, base station positioning, low power consumption and quasi real-time for NB users, multi-dimensional to meet massive low-power access scenarios, comprehensively reduce terminal R & D costs, shorten R & D cycle and improve application experience.

In addition, as the official version of 5g, Nb IOT has also opened the precedent of characteristic network, which plays a very important role in the development of China Telecom edge computing, network slicing and artificial intelligence technology, and is the strategic key to the network development in the 5g era.

Based on years of deep cultivation and accumulation, China Telecom NB IOT industrial ecology has become increasingly mature. With Nb IOT incorporated into 5g family, Nb IOT industrial ecology will also become an indispensable part of 5g industrial ecology. Relying on the open platform of China Telecom Internet of things, Tianyi IOT will increase the ecological construction of Nb IOT industry, provide a strong foundation for the large-scale implementation of 5g, and realize the coordinated development of various scenarios of embB, urllc and mmtc.

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