The precision and portability of medical equipment has become a development trend in recent years. Wireless electronic devices have also become a popular and development trend, such as today we can see wireless charging technology and so on. Today’s Bluetooth technology has been widely known and used, people are most familiar with nothing more than mobile phones, small audio, wireless headset calls. With the development of science and technology, people are more and more concerned about their health in the high pressure and fast-paced life. Portable medical equipment and medical informatization gradually make various communication technologies constantly integrated into various modern medical electronic equipment. At the beginning, most of the applications considered by Bluetooth were used to replace wired connections. Each medical equipment in the hospital is basically an independent system. Therefore, all kinds of equipment are equipped with its own computer system, printer and other peripheral systems. All of them are connected by data lines independently. Therefore, reading machine status, reconfiguring equipment, sensor data, patient information, patient monitoring, security access data, asset tracking, etc. are all independent for security considerations The most common phenomenon, such as the operating room and the radiology department, can see that there are cable connections everywhere, crisscross scattered on the ground. Once there is an instrument failure, it will take a lot of doctors’ efforts to check whether each interface is connected well along the wire, and it is very difficult to arrange the wires. This wastes a lot of time, and time is very valuable for rescuing patients and language. After Bluetooth technology is connected to each device, the trouble of medical equipment users is solved.

Another point is that some medical instruments, such as electroencephalogram, electrocardiogram and other electrophysiological instruments, receive electrical signals from the patient’s body surface and transmit bioelectrical signals to medical equipment through cables for analysis. In the meantime, due to the connection of cables, the patient’s position and movement are limited, and the physical examination can only be carried out in the lying position. Therefore, it is impossible to understand the bioelectrical signals of the patients in other positions or even in the exercise state. Some medical forbidden areas, such as laminar flow ward, operating room, radiology room, radiotherapy room, rescue room, etc., are not suitable for all medical personnel to enter and leave. Strict isolation system must be established. Bluetooth can play a very important role in these places. Doctors can make some examinations and treatments carried out by wireless remote control, which reduces the probability of direct access of staff and does not hinder doctors Health care and consultation.

And how to realize the use of Bluetooth in medical electronic equipment is what we need to think about. In this regard, people in the industry listed the necessary auxiliary conditions. One of the most important is: in the multi machine communication, the host must ensure reliable communication with the selected slave, and the communication interface must have strong identification ability. For Bluetooth multi machine communication, it is more vulnerable to interference. Therefore, in addition to the external interference as little as possible, there is also a relatively reliable communication protocol. According to the specific application, the Bluetooth protocol can be carried out Flexible configuration, and encourage the use of various high-level protocols as far as possible to ensure the integration of existing network technology and Bluetooth technology. Therefore, in addition to the Bluetooth core protocol is necessary, the other three protocols are determined according to the specific needs of the application; physiological electrical signal transmission requirements and implementation.

At the same time, considering that wireless technology may also interfere with each other, it is necessary to suppress radio electromagnetic interference in medical electronic equipment, establish “personal micro network”, and do not affect bioelectrical signals. These are related to the accuracy, interoperability and safety of the whole medical electronic equipment. Only these technologies can meet the use standard, the field may make Bluetooth technology widely used in medical electronics. Of course, its information security is not only a security problem in the field of communication, but also a very important aspect once communication technology is widely used in the medical field. Experiments have proved that the use of microwave oven will slow down the speed of data transmission by 300K / s. In addition, spread spectrum equipment, frequency hopping equipment, wireless LAN, etc. will slow down the speed of data transmission. However, international sig has done experiments in various environments, and the interference of low-power Bluetooth products to other similar products is negligible. On the contrary, the interference of other products on Bluetooth can be solved by software or hardware methods. Therefore, the information security problem is more emphasized in the software protocol stack, which is mainly solved by software engineers.

It can be seen that in the future, communication technology will be more and more widely used in various fields. In fact, its convenience will be widely recognized by people, and its reduction of resource consumption will also play a very important role. It is mainly reflected in the reduction of paperless office and line equipment, which conforms to the concept of contemporary green office. It has great long-term potential and will have a good development prospect.

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