Wingtech won 5 billion yuan in smart home orders, rumored customer is Apple

Wingtech announced that the company's product integration business has carried out a number of business cooperations such as computers and smart homes with specific overseas customers and signed a cooperation agreement. Recently, the company's smart home projects in cooperation with specific overseas customers have officially started mass production and normalized shipments. The total project cooperation amount is estimated to be about 5 billion yuan.

The announcement stated that the company's product integration business has expanded from traditional mobile phone ODM to broader fields such as tablets, laptops, IoT, servers, and automotive electronics, and has accumulated rich experience in R&D and manufacturing. The company's cooperation with specific overseas customers in the product integration business has expanded the company's product fields and optimized the company's customer structure, which will have a positive impact on the company's operating results in 2022 and in the future. As the first cooperation project of smart home, its smooth mass production and shipment also laid the foundation for the company to carry out multi-product cooperation with specific overseas customers.

Lily's comment: It is speculated that the specific overseas customer mentioned by Wingtech Technology refers to Apple. Among them, the cooperation amount of only one smart home project is about 5 billion yuan, and mass production and shipment to Apple has already begun. It is reported that this is the long-planned first shipment after Wingtech Technology took over the Apple production line of OFILM.

At the beginning of 2021, OFILM was kicked out of the Apple industry chain. Subsequently, Wingtech Technology purchased the business assets related to the supply of cameras to specific overseas customers owned by OFILM for 2.42 billion yuan, including 100% equity of Guangzhou Delta Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. Customers supply operating assets and intangible assets for camera-related businesses. Industry experts believe that Wingtech's entry into Apple's supply chain will directly help the performance of listed companies, but it should also be noted that the cooperation between China and the United States is also affected by the Sino-US trade war.

Wingtech announced that, affected by factors such as the overall market environment and customer product demand, there is a risk of adjustment in the actual quantity supplied by the company to specific customers.

Estun's domestic industrial robot shipments ranked first, and robot chips were gradually localized

According to the latest data from MIR statistics, Estun will account for 4.4% of the market share of China's industrial robot shipments in 2021, ranking first in domestic robot shipments, ranking seventh among global brands in China's robot market, of which the company has six axes. Robot shipments ranked fifth, second only to the four major robot manufacturers. The chips used in many of these models have been localized.

Sisyphus comment: The efforts in emerging industries such as lithium battery and photovoltaics, as well as key applications such as welding, have brought continuous growth space for Estun. It is not surprising that Estun will account for 4.4% of the market share of China's industrial robot shipments in 2021. It is not surprising that domestic robot shipments will be the first. In industrial robots, a market where many foreign robots have already been deployed, it is definitely inseparable from strong technical strength to open up the market in emerging industries and key fields. At that time, the acquisition of foreign advanced technology also guaranteed its role in welding robots and rehabilitation robots And other aspects have a leading international competitive position.

According to the situation announced by Estun, the strengthening of core technologies and the independent and controllable business development model of the supply chain has accelerated the substitution of raw materials for its localization and cost reduction. In the first half of 2021, 99% of the chips of the ED3L series AC servo have been localized , The progress of switching the original products is still smooth, and the specifications and models of the long tail part of the AC servo are also being switched to high localization solutions one after another. In addition, for the reducer, which is the core component of the robot, on the one hand, the cost is reduced through large-scale; Cost reduction; In terms of RV reducers, through the small batch verification of domestic reducers, Estun also plans to further improve the localization level of RV reducers.

LG plans to monetize its phone patents

LG Electronics, which withdrew from the smartphone market last year, plans to license its smartphone and mobile technology patents to make profits, according to South Korean media reports. The whistleblower said that in addition to its own authorization, LG may also establish a subsidiary to complete some patent transfer work to avoid patent disputes.

Leland's comment: The skinny camel is bigger than the horse, which is no exaggeration to describe LG's mobile phone business. LG holds tens of thousands of patents on phones, including 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi technologies, as well as some innovative phone design patents. LG spends a lot of money every year to maintain these patents. Instead of letting these patents go silent as LG exits the mobile phone market, it is better to license them. As mobile communication technology is the field with the most patent disputes, it is good that LG is willing to take this step.

In fact, since the announcement of the launch of the mobile phone market last year, many companies have coveted these patents in the hands of LG, so LG is still actively carrying out patent licensing. Last year, for example, LG signed an agreement with Chinese company Tianlong Mobile to license its LTE patented technology to Wiko, a European mobile phone brand owned by Tianlong Mobile.

It's just that some patented technologies are still linked to LG's existing smart IoT product line, so LG has no plans to sell it as a package. And although LG withdrew from the consumer business of mobile phones, it did not give up the development of mobile communication technology. For example, LG is still working with local universities, research institutes and Keysight in South Korea to jointly research 6G technology. In the terahertz communication technology closely related to the 6G network, LG also has some breakthrough results.

Due to the difficulty of recruiting employees, TSMC's US plant has decided to delay the opening of the factory for half a year

Recently, according to foreign media Evertiq, due to the lack of qualified and experienced workers and the ongoing new crown pandemic, TSMC's US factories are struggling to cope with delays. The main reasons for the delay are issues related to the recruitment of qualified staff and the Covid-19 quarantine. In addition, U.S. building regulations and construction permits are said to have caused delays.

In May 2020, TSMC announced its intention to build and operate an advanced semiconductor factory in the United States. The plant is under construction in Phoenix, Arizona, but has been grappling with issues related to hiring and the coronavirus pandemic.

When initially announcing a $12 billion 5nm fab in the U.S., TSMC said it aimed to start production in 2024 and would create 1,900 new full-time jobs. The work will be phased in over five years.

Simon comment: Currently affected by the epidemic in the United States, there is indeed a large-scale labor shortage, which is one of the reasons why TSMC is difficult to recruit qualified employees.

Another reason is that Intel is currently investing $20 billion in the construction of a factory in Chandler, Arizona. The two cities are only a 30-minute drive away, which has also led to many excellent semiconductor talents being hired by Intel. The solicitation has passed.

Of course, for TSMC, this situation may not be a bad thing. Back then, TSMC was forced by the United States to invest in building a factory, and it also needed to build a wafer fab with the most advanced process. Later, TSMC was required to hand over key data. What are you thinking? , I believe everyone knows. So looking back, can the Intel factory really recruit all the employees, maybe not.

Shengmei Semiconductor was responded to "being included in the pre-delisting list"

Recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released a list of five Chinese companies. Under the Foreign Company Accountability Act, the SEC has the power to delist a foreign-listed company from an exchange if it fails to file reports required by the U.S. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board for three consecutive years, the SEC said. In this provisional list, Shengmei Semiconductor is listed.

Carol's comment: Shengmei Semiconductor is a well-known semiconductor equipment company in China. According to data from market research institutions, Shengmei Semiconductor's domestic market share of cleaning equipment has reached 23%, and its global market share of cleaning equipment has risen to 4%. , The global market share of tank cleaning equipment reached 5.2%.

In addition to cleaning equipment, Shengmei Semiconductor is also actively expanding its product portfolio, expanding its layout in semiconductor electroplating equipment, semiconductor copper polishing equipment, advanced packaging wet equipment, vertical furnace tube equipment and other fields.

At present, in the domestic semiconductor industry chain, semiconductor equipment is also extremely weak. As one of the well-known domestic equipment companies, Shengmei Semiconductor is responsible for continuous technological and product breakthroughs, and the SEC has included it in the pre-delisting list, allowing People worry about whether it faces the risk of delisting, which will affect the company's later development and operation.

However, Shengmei Semiconductor responded that ACMR's appearance on the provisional list does not mean that ACMR will be delisted soon or at all. Under SEC guidelines, the trading ban could take effect as early as 2024, after the issuer has appeared on the SEC provisional list for three consecutive years. The company said it is now actively looking for a U.S. audit firm accredited by the PCAOB.

In response to the U.S. approach, the China Securities Regulatory Commission said that the China Securities Regulatory Commission respects overseas regulators and strengthens the supervision of relevant accounting firms in order to improve the quality of financial information of listed companies, but firmly opposes the wrong practice of some forces politicizing securities supervision. Willing to solve the problem of inspection and investigation of relevant firms by the US regulatory authorities through regulatory cooperation.

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