Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week was held in Shenzhen from July 18th to July 21st. Huawei, together with global operators, industry elites, and opinion leaders, discussed in-depth hot topics such as 5.5G, green development, computing power networks, and digital transformation, so as to achieve a better future for the digital economy.

At the Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week Operation and Maintenance Digital Transformation Summit, Peng Song, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Market and Solution Sales Department, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Opening up a new blue ocean of digital intelligence and creating a new era of DigiVerse". Intelligence is the biggest opportunity in the next decade, which will open up new blue oceans and inject new momentum for operators. Based on decades of practice, Huawei proposes a three-layer digital-intelligence transformation architecture, and collaborates with industry organizations to create a maturity assessment model to comprehensively help operators seize new opportunities and realize the transition from automation and intelligence to quality and efficiency improvements to services. The transformation value extension of revenue increase and experience improvement.

Peng Song emphasized, "To seize the opportunity, operators need to accelerate the digital-intelligence transformation from three levels. The first layer is the digital-intelligence transformation of services. In the future, operators will transform from a connection-oriented business to a differentiated experience-oriented business model. Business, data services and industry digital services are the main business, and the business closed loop is realized through the model of ecology + platform + network, which drives the rapid growth of the second curve. The second layer is the digital and intelligent transformation of operation and maintenance, from the original network-centric transformation to Centered on the user journey, connect products, services, platforms and networks, give full play to the value of data, drive business decisions, and realize value management. The third layer is the digital and intelligent transformation of infrastructure, and the network form of operators will be transformed from traditional networks to High security, green, intelligent, and more ubiquitous network. Integrate computing and connection and other resources to make the network more intelligent, cloud forms more diverse, data flow more efficient, and intelligent applications wider."


Peng Song, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Marketing and Solution Sales Department

The digital-intelligence transformation of O&M is a systematic project. Zhou Xiaohua, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Service and Software MarketTing and Solutions Department, proposed the integration Focusing on three key transformation paths of intelligent digital business, data-driven digital experience, and predictable digital operation and maintenance, from the four levels of strategic determination, business reconstruction, digital technology, and transformation assurance, it helps transformation systematic development. Through products and solutions such as AICC intelligent cloud customer service, the Smart series of customer experience SmartCare, and the i series of intelligent operation and maintenance AUTIN, Huawei will work with operators on three key transformation paths to improve quality and increase from automation and intelligence. Efficient, towards precise marketing and lean operations for the market and government and enterprises. Especially for the new ToB scenario, on the one hand, the digital intelligence of operation and maintenance enables the differentiated experience for ToB; on the other hand, the mature digital intelligence capability spills over to empower the industry to bring new digital business revenue.


Zhou Xiaohua, President of Huawei's Carrier BG Service and Software Marketing and Solutions Department

Digital-intelligence transformation is a course of continuous practice, with practice and optimization. In the digital-intelligence transformation of operation and maintenance, Huawei has combined its own and more than 100 operators' transformation experience, and cooperated with industry organizations to form a five-dimensional and fifth-order operation and maintenance digital-intelligence transformation maturity evaluation model. From transformation strategy, value measurement The five dimensions of , process optimization, data & platform, and organizational talents are evaluated in five stages according to L1-L5 maturity, so that operators' digital-to-intelligence transformation is continuously optimized in practice.

Finally, Zhou Xiaohua sent an invitation to operators and partners, hoping to connect in real time with more than ten cloud model points around the world in the "Digital-Intelligence Transformation Columbus Exhibition Hall" and "DigiVerse Digital-Intelligence Transformation In-depth Dialogue Room" for an immersive experience. Conversational and contextualized experiences. At the same time, for innovative scenarios such as cross-scenario integration and ToB transformation exploration, joint innovation and practice can be carried out based on the DTPC² "Digital Intelligence Transformation Innovation Workshop".


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