Smart wearable devices represented by smart watches continue to be cold all over the world. Once upon a time, smart watches and bracelets were regarded as a new growth market after smart phones. But after the novelty passed, until now, smart watches are still only a small consumer. Let’s take a look at the relevant contents together with Xiaobian.

According to IDC, a market research organization, only 2.7 million smart watches were sold worldwide in the third quarter of last year, down 51.6% from the same period in 2015.

Generally speaking, the current smart watch market is relatively depressed, and more and more consumers’ evaluation of it has changed from the original high-tech representative to chicken rib equipment.

Why did the smart watch enter this embarrassing situation?

The function is still weak. When can it be strongly distinguished from smart phones?

Most consumers classify their motivation to buy smart watches as early taste. A large proportion of these consumers will ask this question with regret after buying a smart Watch: why should I buy a smart watch when I have a smart phone?

In fact, this is the fundamental reason why smart watches are rarely supported from their original popularity – practicality. Compared with smart phones, most smart watches have not made much functional breakthrough in use functions.

Even the smart watch, which occupies the largest market size of Apple Watch, has the main functions besides traditional viewing time, which focuses on information notification, health data tracking and sharing, and mobile phone App part of the functional experience. For example, in China, you can experience some functions of WeChat, micro-blog, Alipay, Mei patter, Ctrip and other applications.

The functions of some other brands of smart watches come and go, and the versions are constantly updated. They mainly focus on the changes in appearance and watch materials. Up to now, there is no independent major functional change compared with smart phones.

At present, these functions of smart watches are not necessary for users in the watch use scenario. To sum up, they are what we call chicken ribs.

Take information notification check for example. Do most people really need an “e-dog” to check information and follow up the latest news anytime, anywhere?

In the face of a large amount of information bombing during working hours, the existence of this function of smart watch is actually to bring pressure and social anxiety to its users, and then look at the health data. Heartbeat, steps and movement data can be understood through the mobile phone when everyone does not leave the smart phone.

Why do you need a smart watch to record? It’s even more difficult to experience some functions of mobile app on the watch.

Limited by the operating size and memory of the watch, the app needs to be castrated from most functions. There are few functions that can be used and the experience is not good. It’s better to use it on the smart watch at this time.

Are these functions provided by smart watches really what consumers just need? Can it be independently different from smart phones? From the feedback of most consumers, we can know – it is not that a small number of smart watches are idle in the corner after being purchased.

Some consumers even think that buying a smart watch is “spending money to buy a sin”. They are full of expectations before buying it. After buying it back, they find that it is not as good as expected. Even some functions still need to be used with smart phones.

When the actual use experience is far lower than the expected value, it is not difficult to understand why the shipment of smart watches has not increased much in the past two years.

Poor endurance, difficult to solve

In addition to its functions, another highly criticized problem of smart watch is its endurance.

Compared with mechanical watches, which only need the energy generated by hand swing in daily life to maintain permanent operation without additional energy storage supplement, although many manufacturers of smart watches can achieve that the battery can support the endurance of last month.

For users, in fact, they are still vaguely worried. Who knows when the smart watch will suddenly run out of power.

What’s worse, once the smart watch runs out of power, it’s really not as good as a mechanical watch.

In order to be different from ordinary watches, smart watches add more and more intelligent collaborative interaction functions. The processor has greater demand for data calculation and call, and the power consumption is also greater and greater.

Limited by the size and weight of the watch and the limited battery capacity, the battery life is improved, but the supporting time is still limited.

Before the battery life technology of smart watch has no major breakthrough innovation, the life ability will be one of the main obstacles restricting the development of smart watch.

Consumer recognition in the high-end market is low, and traditional watches are more popular

The price of smart watches is mostly medium and high-end, and the amount is not low. In fact, consumers are mainly middle and high-end users with certain economic ability. Among these users, they pay more attention to the value of goods than smart watches that mainly focus on meeting functional needs. The mechanical watch with more value embodied in precision manufacturing is obviously more recognized than the smart watch.

From the current consumption trend, price is no longer the main factor affecting the choice of the middle class.

Nielsen data show that 45% of consumers are willing to buy luxury goods because of their more reliable quality and quality. In fact, this also shows that more and more users with high consumption power attach importance to the value of goods.

At the same time, consumers also begin to pay attention to the self-identity brought by products. Especially for young consumers, self-identity and personality become particularly important. In the era of forced economy, compared with smart watches that do not have breakthrough in appearance and function due to limited technology and process, traditional watches with more choices are more popular.

Whether in terms of appearance, hardware, endurance or practicability, there is no smart watch that can amaze consumers. It still needs to be improved in order to be recognized by the market.

The author once thought that smart watches are likely to become a phenomenal entrance, but if smart watches still have no breakthrough development, in the future, with the further development of smart phone materials and forms, as a representative of smart wearable devices, its fate can not escape being forgotten by the market in the long river of history.

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