Any technology is a double-edged sword, and artificial intelligence technology is no exception. Artificial intelligence technology can help hide the true and show the false in military, build momentum and use momentum, and improve the practicability of products in civil use. However, in recent years, a large amount of synthetic information of artificial intelligence has flooded the Internet space and people’s daily life, such as “harassing telephone”, “praise irrigation”, synthetic sound, artificial intelligence generating live video or image, etc. In view of this, many experts believe that the rapid development of artificial intelligence makes people’s communication be influenced by intelligent and automatic interaction in reality and cyberspace. So, how to understand the phenomenon of artificial intelligence fraud, and then change this phenomenon? This is an important issue that needs in-depth consideration at present.

Essentially, machines don’t fake. The working principle of the machine is to change the input into the output, and only count how much, regardless of right and wrong. Therefore, artificial intelligence counterfeiting is essentially human counterfeiting. A mature algorithm coupled with rich data resources can generate realistic photos, videos and text materials, which is not difficult to achieve technically. Its purpose is to make people feel confused and then virtual reality.

However, fundamentally speaking, even if AI can imitate and fake human behavior, it cannot imitate the various functional relationships behind human behavior. In other words, if we grasp the essence of “the connection between things”, most artificial intelligence counterfeiting may be seen through.

Artificial intelligence counterfeiting can be filtered, screened and eliminated through the deep situation awareness or context awareness technology of the machine. For example, a normal person will not easily do abnormal things, and a normal organization will not violate laws and regulations unscrupulously. You can judge whether it is counterfeiting by observing and comparing the past performance of a person and an organization. However, it is not difficult to identify in general, but the subtle distinction in special cases. Therefore, in the face of artificial intelligence counterfeiting, in addition to the conventional anti-counterfeiting technical means, it is also necessary to develop new in-depth situation awareness technologies and tools, identify and intervene in the early stage of counterfeiting as much as possible, and carry out in-depth analysis and response from the stages of state, potential, sense and knowledge. In addition, we can also study the corresponding management emergency mechanism methods and means, formulate relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, popularize knowledge, and promote the wide application of anti artificial intelligence counterfeiting technology, so as to form an anti artificial intelligence counterfeiting ecological chain linked by human machine environment system.

As the saying goes, a fake can’t be true, a real fake can’t be true. A devil is a foot high and a Taoist priest is a foot high. After all, no matter how good AI is, it is man-made, and human beings themselves are “hunters” to deal with incompleteness.

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