How close the VR device is, it’s equivalent to staring at the mobile phone to play games. Will it accelerate myopia.

In fact, some studies have shown that lens regulation is based on consciousness, that is to say, when the scene you see in VR is far away from you, the brain’s consciousness will also control the lens to relax, otherwise it will search, so please rest assured.

However, VR products are not harmful to the eyes at all. It shows that the current products are still very easy to get tired and dry eyes after a long time. Analysis of the main reason is still not matching. After all, this thing is not customized as we wear glasses. The main mismatches are as follows:

The pupil distance of some products is not adjustable

The adjustment range of myopia and hyperopia of some products is limited and inaccurate

Another cause of fatigue is that some products are too hot, and there is pressure on the face. If the center of gravity design is too forward, the neck will be uncomfortable.

The adjustment of VR glasses is of great significance for users with severe myopia. At present, when adjusting the object distance of VR glasses on the market, both eyes change at the same time, but it is inconvenient for people with different degrees of myopia. Zhaowei VR glasses adjusting gear box solution uses the precise and compact box structure of 3.4mm “planetary gear three-stage transmission structure” gear box, with an automatic adjusting motor built in each lens, which can intelligently adjust VR glasses.

It is difficult to choose VR glasses with focus and pupil distance adjustment function. Normally, everyone’s face shape and facial features are different. It’s impossible to use a set of molds to satisfy all users. Therefore, a good quality VR glasses will at least have the function of focal length adjustment. In order to realize the focus adjustment function of VR glasses, we use the gear box structure of adjusting motor and the self-developed multi-layer variable transmission ratio mechanism to adjust the motor parameters. The product has two-stage, three-stage and four stage transmission changes. According to the transmission requirements of performance (motor) motor, we can change the reduction ratio and adjust the input speed and torque of gear box to solve the problem of VR glasses from the transmission mode All levels of intelligent transmission requirements are regulated.

Therefore, I feel that VR is not a monster, but a new product. We don’t need to be too afraid. But at the same time, we should not use it for a long time. After all, it is different from the real outdoor view. Eye fatigue caused by long-time use will also accelerate the development of myopia.


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