The spread of a new novel coronavirus has made this Spring Festival an unbearable burden for every Chinese. Transmissibility makes everyone who comes into contact with the virus likely to become the object of infection, especially the medical staff are under great pressure. If we use robots to replace in some easily transmissible environments, the possibility of infection may also be reduced. In fact, we can see that some intelligent robots have been enabled in the epidemic prevention and control.

It is reported that mobile disinfection robots have been clinically applied in the front line of anti epidemic in Wuhan and Shanghai. In hospital wards, clinics or laboratories, they can disinfect while moving; In the community, they can complete 200 calls in 5 minutes to help the epidemic investigation; In key areas and roads, they kept shouting and assisted police patrols as police partners.

A disinfection robot combines hydrogen peroxide equipment with the robot, and the disinfection system is installed inside the robot to produce disinfection gas. In addition, it can realize autonomous navigation and autonomous movement in an unmanned environment, and carry out 360 ° indoor disinfection and epidemic prevention efficiently and accurately. It can also simulate the ability of human free movement to replace people to go deep into the area with serious epidemic situation, so as to reduce the possibility of infection transmission of disinfection personnel due to “disinfection”. Compared with traditional manual disinfection or fixed disinfection equipment, mobile disinfection robots can disinfect while moving, reducing the risk of infection caused by manual participation.

As we all know, the development of intelligent voice assistant is very fast, which is also an area that Amazon, Google, Microsoft, apple, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet companies have been trying to improve. The intelligence of the corresponding intelligent voice assistant is also very high, which has also been used in the face of this epidemic. Some communities have used artificial intelligence voice system to pilot intelligent troubleshooting in the community in the form of man-machine dialogue, so as to collect information faster and more efficiently. It is reported that the intelligent voice robot can make 200 calls in 5 minutes for troubleshooting. They can have multiple rounds of interactive conversations with the target person to collect and confirm information, including identity information, recent activity area, recent contact population, recent symptoms and other information. After confirming the information, the voice robot will automatically classify and count the information and quickly feed back the statistical results every day.

In the wechat circle of friends, we can see that some communities carry gongs to publicize in the streets, and some villages broadcast broadcasts asking villagers not to go out through loudspeakers. In the face of such an epidemic, publicity is indispensable. It is reported that in some public places, robots are constantly shouting, “please wear masks and pay attention to personal hygiene. Don’t go to crowded places. If you feel unwell, please see a doctor in time.” This kind of patrol robot, and the police of the police station partner with each other to patrol the road. This kind of robot also uses voice broadcast function to remind people to pay attention to personal safety at all times. Moreover, this kind of patrol robot can also transmit data and images to the public security background system in real time through the cloud, and the patrol robot can also realize automatic cruise.

In the face of this epidemic, we see that many Internet companies have begun to take action. Baidu, Tencent, Sogou, today’s headlines, Alibaba, etc. have used their own technical advantages to open up a lot of intelligent services, so that the general public can timely understand the epidemic situation at home, seek medical consultation, find the nearest fever clinic, find the same bus (same flight, bullet train) and other information for self investigation. In fact, these are the most direct effects of big data applications. In addition, blockchain, traceability, cloud computing, AI applications and so on have begun to be applied continuously.

We even saw a robot meal delivery service. In the isolated ward of some hospitals, there appeared “your dishes are on the first floor tray, please take your meals.” Robot. As long as the medical staff set the route and place the plate, it will stably hold the tray and deliver the meal to the door of the designated room.

In addition, with the arrival of the peak period of return trip, in addition to focusing on the focus of the focus on the people in the epidemic area, how to strengthen the screening and prevention and control of floating people in public places has gradually become the focus. Due to the large number of points in public places, rapid personnel flow and the risk of cross infection, the allocation of investigation personnel has become a difficulty. In airports, stations, schools and other public places, intelligent inspection robots equipped with visible light lens and thermal imaging lens are used to conduct reciprocating and large-scale active screening in this area to find high-temperature objects. In case of any abnormality of the tested personnel, the robot will take photos and keep the on-site photos of customers, remind the management personnel through SMS, and push the QR code to guide the suspicious person to make further report and detection according to the corresponding process. However, the effectiveness needs to be continuously improved.

Some intelligent robots facing children outside can be placed at the entrance of the kindergarten and can automatically collect body temperature data through infrared thermal imaging, image recognition, pressure and other sensors in parallel. If the child has fever, the robot will take the initiative to send a warning. In fact, such robots can also be widely used after the end of the epidemic. We can expect that after the epidemic, some robot applications should be continuously improved and the technology should be improved. The market demand will not disappear because of the final end of the epidemic. There is still great potential in AI applications, intelligent robot extension services and so on.

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