In order to promote the construction of smart city, the construction of community intelligence is the focus. Recently, Nanchang comprehensive office has greatly changed xingchai Beiyuan community through comprehensive transformation. Through the transformation of a series of intelligent projects, xingchai Beiyuan community has become the first smart benchmarking community with zero incident in Nanchang. The anti-theft windows were removed and high technologies such as high-definition intelligent video surveillance and face recognition system were installed to “guard the house” for residents. Xingchaibeiyuan community is in the forefront of urban intelligent community construction.

Security windows in residents’ homes will be “laid off”

These days, in xingchai Beiyuan community, Dinggong road street, Xihu District, “whether to remove the anti-theft window” has become a topic of heated discussion among residents. In some old communities, in order to protect the property safety of owners, anti-theft windows are not uncommon. “Without anti-theft windows, I always feel uneasy. Install anti-theft windows. They don’t look good, affect daylighting, and have potential safety hazards,” said Mr. Li, a resident of the community.

Will intelligent monitoring impact the anti-theft window?

The iron cage type anti-theft window becomes an obstacle to escape in case of danger. “Many old residential areas are mostly open residential areas. People and vehicles can enter freely and are in a state of no property management. Most residents’ families choose to install anti-theft windows and anti-theft doors. Removing anti-theft windows door to door has a heavy workload and some residents have resistance. Therefore, in the initial community reconstruction planning scheme, they are not prepared to remove anti-theft windows.” a person in charge of Ding highway Street Office introduced, The government has made great efforts in the reconstruction of xingchaibeiyuan community, hoping that the community will change greatly and improve the living environment of residents.

“Invisible anti-theft window” to protect residents’ safety

After removing the anti-theft net, how can families guard against theft? Recently, I experienced the “high-tech anti-theft” of xingchaibeiyuan community.

“This is an ‘invisible anti-theft window’ built by us using artificial intelligence video technology, which can replace the anti-theft function of metal anti-theft windows. As long as someone climbs the window into the house or stays in sensitive areas, an alarm will be given. Community security personnel will rush to the scene in time to deal with public security cases, realize intelligent early warning in advance and timely disposal in the process, and realize no dead corner, rapid response and full coverage of regional monitoring “Build a three-dimensional prevention and control system,” community staff said. Intelligent high-definition cameras are installed outside the residential building to automatically alarm personnel climbing and staying in the target area through intelligent identification technology.

It is understood that xingchai Beiyuan community will purchase the security services provided by professional companies, set up 14 sets of dynamic face recognition checkpoints at 7 main intersections of the community, install high-definition cameras at 271 points of 26 buildings, and form a “blocked, sealed and intelligent” security prevention and control system through the community comprehensive management monitoring and command center.

Joint prevention and mass governance to improve people’s satisfaction

Xingchai Beiyuan community is also equipped with a professional and capable security team to implement 24-hour duty and patrol. Innovate the compulsory patrol point system, and the veteran party member volunteer team cooperates with volunteers to carry out daily patrol in the community. At the same time, the police in the community police office took the lead to carry out regular patrols in the community. In addition, the street has established an insurance claim settlement mechanism to purchase property insurance for 947 families in the community free of charge, with a maximum insured amount of 100000 yuan per insurance.

When the “Civil Air Defense + technical defense” system is completed, start the registration and signing of insurance claim settlement contract. After removing the anti-theft window, it will finally take “intelligent technical defense + efficient civil air defense” as the main prevention and control means, and provide safety guarantee for residents’ property safety with insurance claim settlement, so as to improve the public’s sense of security and satisfaction.

It is reported that in the four months since the reconstruction of xingchaibeiyuan community, there has been no case of “two robberies and one theft”, the year-on-year incidence rate has decreased by 100%, and the effect of safe creation is becoming increasingly apparent.

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