“No madness, no survival”

Craig Steven Wright once again read out his great vision to his loyal “followers” with a nearly 150% increase in BSV one day – pulling the plate is justice.

According to the fire money net data, as I couldn’t make complaints about the Tucao, BSV 24H rose 146% in real time. It rose from $300 to $435 in just a few minutes from 22:52 to zero at night, and then dropped back to 360 dollars soon.

What’s more frightening is that BSV has been positive for seven consecutive days, with a nearly four fold increase in a week, which makes many friends who are empty have the impulse to break their thighs.

Originally, BTC, ETH, EOS and other mainstream currencies have had good market performance recently, but stimulated by BSV, everyone seems to have lost interest in the general rise of the market as a whole.

The circle of friends I can see is full of BSV.

A friend asked me, is BSV trying to pull a bull market? Well, let’s stay up late and write a short article to briefly talk about my views.

Will AOBEN Cong's BSV drive the development of the next bull market


Half a year ago, I wrote the article “killing Ba Ben Cong and his” pagans “, denouncing that Ao Ben Cong’s violent pulling and smashing is tantamount to digging his own grave. Sooner or later, he will be abandoned because he violates the will of the mainstream group, because Ao Ben Cong’s demon can always hit the greedy side of human nature and make a group of people become” accomplices “in his cholera market.

At that time, I saw that “AOBEN cong” would be the biggest destabilizing factor in the digital asset market.


This behavior is disgusting, absurd and beyond comparison. AOBEN Cong and the mastermind behind him are challenging the tolerance of the bitcoin community again and again and wantonly undermining the community consensus.

Obviously, I am grateful to many people. AOBEN Cong’s “father” is hostile. Although he may make everyone make money, I still can’t help but ask for DIS as soon as possible.

Of course, I’m not afraid, because behind me are big guys such as coin an Zhao CHANGPENG, lightning torch hodlonaut, bitland Wu Jihan, and you who have faith and work hard for the industry.

In the name of stable and healthy development of digital asset community.


To be honest, looking at the recent good rising momentum of EOS, I saw some signs of bull taking at the bottom of the rebound.

After all, recently, ETH has successfully completed the Istanbul upgrade, etc has also completed the agharta hard bifurcation upgrade, and EOS will also launch voice social products, which are good news.

What is the bottom of financial markets?

When the currency price remains unchanged for a long time, the project side is still working and making frequent achievements, it is almost a phased bottom.

In this case, the market rose a little. It was a good thing to give you some confidence before the lunar new year.

But the bad thing is, driven by BSV, the rise of this rub is too fierce, which makes people worry that there will be demons when things happen.

Theoretically, the correct posture for the next bull market is at least: 1. Policy support; 2. Capital hot money;   3. Entrepreneurial power; 4. Talent echelon; 5. Industrial application landing and other key factors.

Only when two or more of these factors are met can the digital asset market come in, incremental users and incremental funds, and the whole market will have the preconditions for going bull.

Now the actual situation is that the policy has released favorable conditions and the popularity of the industrial blockchain has gradually increased, but the two factors that play a key supporting role in the market, such as hot money and incremental users, have not been significantly improved.

In this case, the sudden rise of the market, what do you want?

You might say that it’s no wonder that the dog farm plans to harvest.

But what I think may be more “pessimistic”.


Not long ago, I saw an article in a media that 10 million bitcoins, accounting for more than 60% of its market circulation, are dormant.

At first glance, most people are more rational. They understand that hoarding money may be more profitable than frequent short-term operations before the bitcoin market halves.

However, obviously, it is impossible for the schemers to let most people have the idea of “making steady money”. They are bound to release people’s inner greed by being demons again and again, so that the hoarders can hand over all their chips.

Indeed, BSV and its staff behind it still couldn’t help it.

AOBEN Cong threatened to destroy BCH at all costs during the battle with Wu Jihan’s computational power. This man is both a local tyrant and willful. Although he has long been the target of public criticism in the community, he will always become the topic and focus of the whole network with the market situation of being a demon.

The intention behind AOBEN Cong is obvious. By constantly pulling and smashing the market, it will turn a retail driven market into a highly “contractual” market, and then prove that it is the real “Zhongben cong”. You know, in the eyes of many people, who is Nakamoto Cong is not so important. It is the last word to make money.

Originally, the spot market and contract market coexist, which is good for hedging. However, in the overall depressed environment of the market, the sharp rise and fall of the market will only stimulate human greed and make users in the circle who like to play contracts completely become gamblers.

As everyone knows, a sharp rise may earn a lot, but a sharp fall may return him to zero and completely drive him out of the digital asset market.

According to the contract data, the total positions of the whole network in the past 24 hours were US $203 million. Every time you break a position, you should not only love this virtual floating wealth, but should regret the possible loss of “companions” behind them. Many of them are likely to never come back.

To some extent, the malicious mess of BSV is the internal friction ahead of the arrival of the bitcoin halving market.


It should be noted that once contract players fully control a financial market, the key variables driving its growth will also be reversed.

“Belief” players hold money because they believe in the long-term growth space of the digital asset market. They will focus on mainstream value currencies such as bitcoin for value investment. The overall expected return may be small, but it is less likely to cover the time and loss.

The choice of contract players is just the opposite. All they want is to make money. The faster, the better, the more, the better. Therefore, contract players are likely to ignore bitcoin and other value currencies, and focus on some Shanzhai currencies with stories, concepts and strength.

There is no doubt that AOBEN Cong’s BSV perfectly meets these conditions.

First of all, aobencong did have contact with zhongbencong. Secondly, the owner of the nchain mine behind BSV was super rich. Moreover, there were still a large number of loyal fans who really thought aobencong was zhongbencong. The most important thing is that this year, it seems that only BSV continues to pull and smash the plate repeatedly, so that those who miss a hunt always have the opportunity to ambush in advance next time.

It is reasonable to say that the normal start of the digital asset market is often that bitcoin leads the rise, Ethereum, EOS and other competitive currencies follow the rise, and other Shanzhai currencies make up the rise. In such a financial market, investors will have a certain reflection time, and there is more than a blade in terms of capital transfer and switching chips.

However, once the market is too contractual, the future market is likely to become a death process of constantly looking for and concocting demon coins, which will disgust a large number of traditional financial players who work hard to see technical indicators, clean up currency holders with the dream of becoming rich, and consume some optimism and positive emotions in the digital asset market.

Originally, everyone criticized that the digital asset market is easy to be manipulated. Now bsvs have settled this complaint!


So, in this case, ordinary retail investors still have a chance?

I share a view with my friends in the chain view reader group. In a highly contracted market, the good news is that the market will rise sharply, and the bad news is that it will collapse immediately after the rise. For ordinary retail investors, it is necessary to study the dealer’s trading psychology.

In a financial market that cannot see the fundamentals, there is a naked harvest behind any sharp rise and fall. Whether you can grab meat between the tiger’s teeth depends on your ability.

I know very well that persuading people to fry money is risky and telling a person that eating too much will make you fat and smoking too much will make you empty is correct nonsense.

Gamblers who play contracts are well aware of the volatility risk in the digital asset market. They just see the upper limit of making money, but ignore the bottom line of losing. The joke of “money made by luck should be lost by strength” is still very reasonable when you think about it.

The way of heaven in the contract market has been reincarnating, and heaven will not bypass anyone. The dealer has plenty of capital and patience to consume you and drain you. Otherwise, making money accidentally today may be the beginning of losing more money in the future.

Since 2020, the spring breeze of industrial blockchain has been blowing. On the whole, there are still many commendable good news, such as DCEP, Libra, bitcoin halving, Ethereum 2.0, filecoin main network online, Polkadot main network online, SEC’s ruling on ETF, etc.

Anyway, please hold a pure digital dream in 2020.

Stay away from BSV, stay away from contracts.

A preacher of blockchain value cognition, a flagman of new ideas in blockchain, and a senior blockchain practitioner. There is no tall concept or remote technical description here, only the most popular business, the most sensitive perspective and the most unique opinions.

Responsible editor; zl

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