With the emergence of 5g, more users are considering whether they need to purchase 5g mobile phones in advance, but they are worried that 5g traffic consumption is too fast and too expensive. Will 5g traffic consumption be fast? Let’s find out.

As we all know, the 5g network speed is very fast, but the amount of 5g traffic used actually has nothing to do with the network speed. The traffic consumption mainly comes from the size of the user’s content resources. Open the same web page, listen to the same song and watch the same movie. Whether you use 4G network or 5g network, the traffic consumption is exactly the same.

The difference between 5g and 5g is that it is faster and smoother. 5g not only has a higher speed, but also uses lower delay and larger capacity to meet our daily scenarios, and will not generate more traffic because of the fast speed of 5g.

People always think that faster network speed will consume more traffic. In fact, this is an illusion.

5g has entered the commercial stage, and many mobile phones on the market support 5g signal, but it is undeniable that the current 5g package charge is not cheap.

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