Silicon labs (also known as “core technology”) recently said that it is strengthening its commitment to the wi sun standard. Wi sun is an increasingly popular and widely deployed industrial mesh network standard, which is very suitable for intelligent utilities, smart cities and industrial Internet of things (iiot) applications. Compared with other lpwan standards, wi sun technology has obvious advantages of scalability and multi vendor interconnection. This standard enables developers to expand wireless networks in utilities, smart city infrastructure and industrial Internet of things applications to cover deployments as far as miles and kilometers.

Silicon labs also announced to join the board of directors of the wi Sun Alliance to accelerate the popularity of wi sun around the world. The wi sun alliance aims to provide standardized and interconnected solutions for the global market, so as to promote seamless and widespread lpwan connectivity.

Ross sabolcik, vice president of commercial and industrial Internet of things products at silicon labs, said: “Wi sun is an ideal solution for smart meters, advanced meter infrastructure, power generation and distribution, street lamps, large smart city infrastructure and other industrial Internet of things applications. As an open specification, wi sun provides the best solution for IPv6 Based Intelligent and interconnected Internet of things applications that require low power consumption and remote wireless connection We are pleased to join the board of directors of wi Sun Alliance to help promote the development of IEEE 802.15.4 (g) standard. “

Wi sun technology has obvious advantages of scalability and multi vendor interconnection

Silicon labs has more than 15 years of experience in mesh network solutions and has deployed more than 250 million mesh nodes. The company’s wireless gecko platform supports a variety of mesh network options, including wi sun, ZigBee, openthread, Z-Wave and ble mesh, enabling developers to flexibly select the mesh network protocol most suitable for their application needs.

Wi sun fan (field area networks) is an open standard based on IEEE 802.15.4g specification and other IEEE 802 and IETF standards. The wi sun alliance aims to develop and promote the specification and manage the certification process to ensure that each supplier’s equipment meets the specification and interoperability requirements.

The wi Sun Alliance is a global industry association dedicated to seamless connectivity. The members of the wi Sun Alliance include many global and national organizations from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the United States. Alliance members seek to promote standard certification to coordinate various wireless systems, as well as standardize power levels, data rates, modulation modes and frequency bands and other matters. Through technology development, market development and regulatory programs, wi Sun Alliance is committed to supporting the global development of public utilities, smart cities and wireless communication networks of the Internet of things.

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