With the continuous and in-depth development of Internet technology and the rapid rise of a new generation of information technology, cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data and 5g have accelerated their commercialization. More and more industries have launched new changes, traditional occupations have gradually changed, and some new occupations have begun to appear.

Under such a trend, in may2019, the Ministry of human resources and social security and other three departments officially released a new batch of 13 career information, including artificial intelligence engineering technicians, IOT engineering technicians, big data engineering technicians, UAV drivers, industrial robot system operators, etc.

It can be seen that the impact of Technological Development on career change is becoming increasingly prominent. In addition to these new occupations officially released by the state, it is believed that more new occupations will be born in the future. So, at present, which new jobs are most popular among young people? First, let’s take a look at “UAV pilot”.

How is the new UAV profession born?

Earlier, people also had so-called unmanned aerial vehicles in their hands, that is, some simple aircraft models. At that time, UAVs were still special items in the military field. One military UAV flew in the jungle and desert for investigation; Or “hide” in science fiction to show the style of future science and technology.

Later, with the continuous progress of key technologies such as flight control, materials, batteries and PTZ, and the increasingly prominent trend of miniaturization of UAVs, UAVs gradually shifted from the military market to the civil market. With the continuous expansion of the market and the continuous decline of prices, the consumer UAV has ushered in its glorious moment. More and more people begin to choose a UAV to be used as a toy or take self photos.

This can be seen as an upgrade of the model aircraft, or as a “flying camera”. In a word, UAVs began to speed up their entry into the homes of ordinary people, the civil UAV manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and UAV enterprise brands have been established one after another, which has laid a solid foundation for the “counter attack” of industrial UAVs.

Industrial UAV, that is, UAV applied to industrial scenarios. Unlike the consumer UAVs used in individual consumers, which are generally small and multi rotor structures, industrial UAVs have a wide variety of types, including not only large, medium and small body sizes, but also fixed wing, multi rotor UAVs and unmanned helicopters.

In recent years, with the further maturity of UAV technology, the sluggish growth of consumer UAV market, and the influence of a series of factors such as UAV black flight, the application of industrial UAV in agriculture, forestry and plant protection, fire rescue, emergency communication, patrol monitoring and other fields has become more and more popular, and the market expansion has also shown a positive trend. It is in this case that the new profession of UAV pilot began to appear.

“Full time” drone pilots are only part of the equation

At present, in many industries, UAV drivers are “part-time”, such as public security, fire protection, justice and other government systems, as well as power, energy and other fields. In these industries, when relevant enterprises and units purchase UAVs, they generally adopt the method of training internal personnel for operation, use UAVs to assist in daily work, and rarely purchase third-party services.

Nowadays, there are mainly two “full-time” industries for UAV drivers, namely, agricultural plant protection and commercial performance.

Agricultural plant protection is one of the market segments most valued by UAV manufacturers. Even Dajiang innovation, the leader of consumer UAV, has frequently deployed in this scene and continuously released a number of new plant protection UAVs to compete for market advantage and share. Therefore, the application prospect of UAV in the field of agricultural plant protection is very promising.

In recent years, the application of plant protection UAV has been more and more recognized by the market. In the current plant protection UAV market, there are three main consumer groups: first, ordinary farmers or agricultural collective organizations, due to economic strength, the proportion of this group is not very high for the time being; Second, a professional agricultural air defense enterprise, which is the main consumer group of plant protection UAVs; The third is the plant protection service enterprise subordinate to the UAV manufacturer, which is also the main consumer group.

In the latter two categories, because they are third-party service enterprises, they basically recruit professional pilots, that is, “full-time” UAV pilots. These UAV drivers should not only be familiar with the operation of UAVs, but also be familiar with certain agricultural knowledge. They need to have a strong ability to accept new things, so most of them are young people.

Similarly, with the development of UAV formation technology, UAV is playing an increasingly significant advantage in commercial performance. In the news, you can often see an important festival, which city held another UAV flight performance, which words and patterns were formed, etc. And mention

The commercial performances of these UAVs are basically provided by third-party service companies, which have become the main providers of UAV drivers. Drone pilots make money?

The emergence of the new profession of UAV pilot has quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Earlier, some media reported that UAV pilots made a lot of money. Aerial photography took thousands of people a day, and it was easy to earn more than ten thousand a month. There were more than one hundred thousand people. It is undeniable that UAV drivers are still scarce professionals, and there are indeed those who earn more than 10000 yuan a month. But is this a common phenomenon? Is it really that easy to make money?

In fact, according to insiders, the profit-making model of plant protection UAV drivers is similar to that of takeaway. It basically depends on the “order receiving situation”, taking into account the price of a single Mu and the overall operating area. Generally speaking, the larger the single operation area, the more profit the unmanned driver will make. However, in the increasingly fierce competition, it is not always possible to receive jobs. Even if you receive jobs, you may not be able to make a lot of money. Moreover, the plant protection market can be divided into low and high seasons.

In addition, no matter which industry, in the process of competitive reshuffle, there will be leading enterprises, and new enterprises will continue to emerge, which means that many waist enterprises’ living conditions are not too optimistic. As a result, many UAV pilots can not guarantee high incomes. In addition, behind the money, the hard work of UAV drivers and the high purchase and maintenance costs are all factors to be considered.

Therefore, UAV drivers do make a lot of money, just like those with net red heads. However, there are still many pilots with low incomes who are striving to survive and move forward. The reason why UAV pilots are favored by many young people is not only that this is a new profession that can satisfy curiosity and have the opportunity to earn more money, but also that this profession still has great possibilities and can realize their dreams.

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