Since the beginning of electronic design, PCB with various functions has been produced throughout. Every time a silk screen is printed on the front side, if there is a piece on the back side, the back side is also printed. Later on a business trip to Switzerland, I happened to find that the mass-produced PCB light board on their side is very clean, without any silk screen, and realized that this can bring many benefits:

Why to reduce screen printing when making PCB

1. When making PCB light board, the cost can be reduced because there are less two layers (if there is a piece on the back).

2. Make the surface of PCB smooth board clean and tidy, avoiding the influence of silk screen on welding quality.

3. Reduce the workload of hardware engineers. At least put part name and make upper and lower silk screen Gerber files are not needed.

Of course, if there is some information on the silk screen layer, it must be expressed: for example, socket direction, high-pressure hazard warning, label pasting box, etc. At this time, the corresponding screen printing layer must be made.

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