Two dimensional code access control system has been widely used in people’s lives, with the development of science and technology into the 21st century, a variety of high-tech products began to appear in our lives, the comprehensive popularization and application of two-dimensional code access control system, so that the security management advantages of various regions have been improved, whether it is high-end office buildings or various communities, through the use of such doors In addition, it can reduce the cost of labor management and make the daily work management more advantageous.

1. Data management is safe and reliable

The management of two-dimensional code door access control system is more intelligent, because it is more secure and reliable through direct data management. Through data management of the actual situation of entrants and exits, and one key batch authorization in the background, it is not only more convenient for data management, but also can determine the access situation of each person, which will be very helpful to the information processing of outsiders, and avoid too much in the daily management work If the situation is too complicated, it can reduce the labor cost, improve the work efficiency, and avoid seeing the time and energy in the work management.

2. QR code opens the door faster

Now the environment of the community and office buildings will use two-dimensional code to open the door. The main reason for the access control system is that the two-dimensional code can be seen more quickly, and the door can be opened by scanning the two-dimensional code. This can also avoid the high cost of making the access control card. Especially, the access control card is very easy to be lost or degaussed when it is carried. It will also be affected when the door is opened Two dimensional code open this way can save cost, open the door is also more easy and simple, usually travel as long as with a mobile phone.

Why is QR code popular

3. Centralized management mode based on Internet

It supports the centralized management mode based on Internet and can remotely manage the door prohibition system, including remote intercom, remote door opening, remote monitoring and other functions;

The reason why the two-dimensional code door access control system has been fully promoted and popularized is that it can play an important security advantage in various environments and meet the requirements of different environments for personnel access management. It can not only reduce the work cost, but also improve the work efficiency. As a very powerful use system, it can also make the advantages of safety and convenience fully realized Play, in work and life and other aspects of the area, can play its due advantages, bring more convenient use experience.

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