The author thinks that learning Linux through virtual machine software is the best way for beginners.

In the communication with some readers, the author found that many beginners believe that learning Linux must have their own computer installed as a Linux system or must have a real server device. In fact, this is the wrong idea transmitted by some institutions, books or online articles.

In fact, the simplest and most practical environment for learning Linux is virtual machine environment (for example, learning through vmware workstation software). There are several reasons for this.

1) Using virtual machine software to build a linux learning environment is simple and easy to use. The most important thing is that there is almost no difference between Linux simulated by virtual machine and real Linux. It costs 10000 or 20000 yuan to buy a server, which is not what ordinary beginners can bear, and it’s loud and power consuming.

If you use PC and notebook to build linux (including dual system coexistence), it’s completely linux environment. This not only increases your learning difficulty (for example, you can’t take notes with word or browse the web normally), but also is far away from the actual working environment. Using virtual machine software to build the environment is the closest to the enterprise working environment.

Most of the working environment of operation and maintenance personnel in enterprises are managed and maintained by remote connection to Linux server thousands of miles away through SSH tool (SecureCRT / xshell) under Windows desktop system.

2) To build a large-scale environment such as Linux cluster, it is sometimes necessary to turn on several virtual machines at the same time (each virtual machine only needs 256-512MB of memory and 6-8gb of hard disk space). At this time, if you use a server or your own computer to install Linux, it is difficult to meet the learning requirements, and it is even more unrealistic to buy multiple servers.

In fact, the learning needs of building a small and medium-sized Linux cluster architecture can be easily realized by using only four or five thousand yuan worth of personal notebook computers. The so-called cluster here, simply understood, is to take multiple computers as a whole and provide services to users.

3) With virtual machine learning, if the computer configuration is higher, you can start multiple Linux virtual machines learning at the same time. On the way to work and home, you can learn at any time with your laptop. If you have multiple real computers and server devices, you can’t move them. Of course, some readers will say that it can be put in the computer room, but the price is too high. It is difficult for most learners to have such resources.

4) Using the virtual machine system environment, we can set and change the virtual system at will, or even format the hard disk of the virtual machine system, re partition and other operations, and there is no need to worry about losing useful data, because the virtual machine is a virtual software running on the system, any operation on the virtual machine system is equivalent to virtual operation The virtual machine equipment and system will not affect the real data on the computer.

To sum up, the author’s advice to you is that it’s enough to use virtual machine to learn. Don’t set too many restrictions and thresholds for yourself, otherwise it may affect the progress of learning Linux and lose interest in learning Linux.

Which virtual machine software should beginners choose?

If you are using Windows system, then I recommend using VMware Workstation; if you are using MacOS platform, then I recommend choosing virtualpc; if you are using CentOS system, then I recommend choosing VMware (Linux version) or KVM.

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