In terms of security information authentication, the new generation of iPhone does not use screen fingerprint and other technologies as previously rumored, but still uses the highly praised face ID function. Users only need to aim the front camera at the face to easily realize face brushing, unlocking, payment and other operations. Face ID mainly uses 3D structured light technology, which Apple has used for the third year in a row, indicating that it is indeed safe and reliable, and has a better experience than fingerprint unlocking.

Why is 3D sensing technology popular on smart phones

In fact, in recent years, 3D structured light technology is not only applied to smart phones like iPhone, but also plays an important role in 3D face payment, new retail, 3D space scanning, intelligent logistics system, intelligent security and other fields. In the future, it will enable hundreds of industries and have a very broad market prospect. Why is 3D structured light technology so valued?

Why is 3D sensing technology popular on smart phones

What are the advantages of 3D structured light technology?

3D structured light technology is a kind of 3D face recognition technology. Its technical principle is to project the laser speckle image onto the surface of the object, and then the infrared camera receives the speckle information reflected from the surface of the object, which is sent to the ASIC processing chip to calculate the position and depth information of the object according to the change of the optical signal caused by the object.

In fact, in addition to 3D structured light technology, 3D face recognition technology also includes binocular vision and TOF (optical time-of-flight method). Among them, the principle of binocular ranging is close to human eyes. Under the condition of natural light, two cameras are used to capture images, and the depth information is calculated through the principle of triangular ranging; TOF time flight law is to capture the flight time of near-infrared light from transmitting to receiving through special sensors, and judge and calculate the distance information of objects. These three 3D face recognition technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Why is 3D sensing technology popular on smart phones

In contrast, binocular method needs high computing resources, poor real-time performance, and is greatly affected by the texture of light objects, so it is not suitable for miniaturized application scenarios, and has not been commercialized on a large scale; although TOF technology has good real-time performance and simple algorithm, it has many problems, such as immature sensor technology, low image resolution, high cost, high power consumption, and so on. At present, it has more applications In the field of object ranging. 3D structured light technology 3D structured light technology has high measurement accuracy, can reach 1 mm (millimeter level), has many advantages of relatively low power consumption, and is more suitable for close range face recognition. It has great potential in smart phones, face brushing payment and other scenes, so it is highly valued by the industry.

In the field of 3D structured light, domestic enterprises are advancing by leaps and bounds

In the field of 3D structured light, there are many international famous giants. Foreign enterprises, including apple, Microsoft, Intel and so on, have invested many R & D efforts in 3D face recognition technology. At home, Obi Zhongguang is a unicorn in this field. Through independent innovation, it has successfully broken foreign patent barriers, and is also the only company in China that produces structured light 3D cameras in mass production. At present, aobi Zhongguang has launched core products and technologies including 3D sensor camera, ASIC chip and related 3D vision algorithm, which are applied in oppo find x, the first smartphone to be unlocked by 3D structured light face recognition, and the first face brushing payment device, creating a number of “industry first”. It can be seen that the rise of 3D sensing enterprises is also changing our lives.

Why is 3D sensing technology popular on smart phones

Just think about it. In the future, we only need to brush our face when we check out, brush our face when we take the subway, and brush our face when we enter the access control area. ..。 These will completely subvert the way of life in the past. It is no longer an imagination to brush your face and walk around the world. As 3D sensing technology continues to move to the stage, enabling daily consumption scenes in depth, there will be more surprises in the future!

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