Dcig, the world’s leading technology analysis organization, has released the latest “dcig 2020-2021 all flash array Purchasing Guide”. Not surprisingly, Huawei oceanstor all flash memory occupies the C position, ranking first in the best recommendation list, surpassing all other competitors.

For a long time, dcig purchase guide carries out objective third-party evaluation and ranking for various product characteristics of data centers from the perspective of end users, and provides users with comprehensive and in-depth analysis and suggestions on product technology procurement. It is an important reference for global data center users when purchasing infrastructure products!

This is not the first time Huawei has been selected into dcig’s all flash array purchase guide. In the past few years, Huawei has been shortlisted in the Purchasing Guide of dcig all flash memory array and ranked in the list of best recommended products for many times. Behind this is Huawei’s outstanding market performance of the world’s all flash memory with the first growth rate for several consecutive quarters, as well as the comprehensive market recognition of a number of products by global users and analysts, which fully reflects that Huawei’s storage products have reached the top level in the industry.

What are the important evaluations of dcig procurement guidelines

Let’s take a look at the specific product ranking of dcig’s “dcig 2020-2021 all flash array purchase guide” released this time

It can be seen from the ranking that Huawei has oceanstor Dorado V6 series and oceanstor f V5 series among the recommended products. Among them, oceanstor Dorado V6 is a new generation of high-end full flash memory of oceanstor Dorado series released by Huawei storage last year, which indicates that it has been fully recognized by authoritative analysis institutions.

Dcig 2020-2021 all flash array purchase guide comprehensively evaluates and ranks the mainstream all flash array products in the current market, involving multiple product evaluation dimensions such as purchase and deployment mode, management and software, hardware, automation and integration, active support and predictive analysis. After analysis, screening and scoring, dcig divides the shortlisted products into two levels according to the specific score: recommended product level and excellent product level. Only the full flash array products whose product strength reaches the top level in the industry can be shortlisted in the recommended product level.

Dcig believes that with the acceleration of digital transformation in the past five years, the expectations of enterprises for data center infrastructure have changed dramatically, and data has become a tactical and strategic resource outside the operational level, which is the basis of value creation. In addition to providing the performance, capacity and continuous availability required by users, the all flash array also needs to improve the user’s storage experience through new procurement and deployment methods, non disruptive upgrade, predictive analysis and active support.

In fact, the past five years are exactly the five years of rapid development of all flash memory array. With the substantial improvement of flash media capacity, as well as the continuous breakthrough and innovation of software and hardware architecture and function, all flash array has made a qualitative leap in product strength. Some early star products are being eliminated by the market due to the defects and deficiencies in product strength, while Huawei and other companies seize this window period, achieve continuous breakthroughs in product level, and quickly gain the recognition of users and analysis institutions.

So, what are the outstanding advantages of Huawei’s oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash products, which can conquer dcig’s strict evaluation? Let’s explore.

Why Huawei oceanstor all flash dominates the list

Last year, Huawei officially launched a new generation of oceanstor storage Dorado series of high-end all flash memory, which is a landmark all flash array product in the industry. It has achieved a major breakthrough in architecture, broke through the 20 million IOPs barrier in performance for the first time, and can maintain a stable delay of 0.08ms. With the integration of artificial intelligence technology, it brings rich storage functions, and integrates all flash memory The product power of array has been raised to a new height.

First of all, in terms of performance, “dcig 2020-2021 all flash array purchase guide” clearly points out that because nvme related technologies are fully applied in the new generation of all flash array, including the optimization of storage operating system, the use of nvme SSD, the use of nvme over fabrics protocol, etc., the delay of all flash array is greatly reduced. Among the 94 all flash arrays shortlisted in this guide, nvme utilization rate has increased to 41%, nvme of utilization rate has increased to 23%, more than two-thirds of the arrays supporting nvme SSD and more than one-third of the arrays supporting end-to-end nvme.

For the new generation of oceanstor storage, Dorado series of high-end full flash storage is the first to implement the end-to-end nvme design in the industry. It supports multiple protocols of storage and host network nvme over FC and nvme over roce v2. Among them, 100g is also used between the control frame and nvme hard disk frame RDMA networking is the fastest in the industry at present. In addition, oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end all flash memory also optimizes the processor for nvme multi queue polling and handles multi concurrent IO without locking. At the same time, it gives full play to the advantages of Huawei’s wide product line. Based on the end-to-end NOF + design, the storage layer and network layer are deeply optimized at the same time, which shortens the data transmission path, improves the system concurrency and improves the overall performance Business efficiency is increased by 30%. For nvme SSD, a new intelligent hard disk frame is designed, which allows data reconstruction and other work to be completed in the hard disk frame, greatly improving the speed of bad disk reconstruction.

With the full adoption and optimization of end-to-end nvme technology, Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash memory is like building a unified management “highway network” for data transmission and processing. Compared with other manufacturers, the full nvme over fabric solution adopted by Huawei also has the ability of rapid detection and recovery, which further improves the reliability of the data highway, ensures the continuous performance, truly unlocks the performance potential of flash memory, and better meets the increasingly demanding performance requirements of data center application load.

Secondly, in terms of stability and reliability, dcig emphasizes that in the current digital transformation stage, the continuous availability of data and the system providing data is crucial to almost all business operations. Therefore, one of the most important evaluation dimensions of dcig in this guide is non disruptive upgrade capability, including controller code upgrade, controller replacement, node expansion, data migration, etc.

In this shortlist of array products, there are not many products that can reach six 9s (99.9999%) availability. Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end all flash memory is one of the representatives.

In order to realize the high availability of all flash array, Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series of high-end all flash memory constructs an end-to-end reliability architecture at the component level, architecture level, product level to solution level, and cloud level. The system reliability reaches 99.9999%, which can well support the extreme reliability requirements of core businesses in many industries, such as finance, telecommunications, government, manufacturing, etc.


Oceanstor storage Dorado series flash disk adopts global wear removal balancing technology to balance the business load to all SSDs, and adopts Huawei’s patented anti wear balancing technology to avoid collective failure of multiple disks, which constructs high reliability at the component level;

At the architecture level, the smartmatrix architecture of oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash memory adopts the front-end and back-end full connection design and full symmetrical A-A controller design, which can realize the extreme situation of controller 8 bad 7 and 100% load balancing;

At the product level, the hardware can tolerate 9-level earthquake resistance, and the software can tolerate the simultaneous failure of three disks. Based on hardware reconfiguration and software deep optimization, the ultimate reliability of a single set of equipment can be achieved;

Furthermore, in the scheme level, the Dorado series flash memory of oceanstor storage also adopts the gateway free dual live scheme, which reduces the fault nodes and the complexity of system layout; and it is linked with the cloud data center to realize the backup disaster recovery and cloud, and minute level business recovery in the cloud;

In addition, dcig attaches great importance to the ability of automation, predictive analysis and active support in this evaluation. Automation, predictive analysis and active support can not only protect users from all kinds of serious business interruption accidents, further improve the availability of storage array products, but also make the storage array more intelligent and simplify the past professional storage management The efficiency of data management is greatly improved.

These elements emphasized by dcig objectively reflect that more and more users value the role and value of intelligent storage in storage array products. In particular, technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly integrated into the storage array. AI can carry out all-round intelligent management for resource planning, performance monitoring, system tuning, risk prediction, fault location and other aspects of the storage array, so as to achieve the most reasonable matching, scheduling and optimization of storage resources.

Similarly, Huawei’s oceanstor storage Dorado series of high-end full flash storage is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of intelligent storage. The built-in AI hardware platform and intelligent algorithm provide strong computing power, and build an intelligent learning framework for the storage system, which can continuously learn the business load and equipment health status.

For example, Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end all flash memory can provide intelligent read cache based on intelligent learning. Through deep learning algorithm, business flow can be identified and prefetched from three dimensions of space, time and semantics, which can increase the hit rate of read cache by 50%, and truly realize the better use of storage. Through the powerful computing power of AI chip, Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash has the ability to perform complex model training and learning, which does not affect the business processing performance of the storage system.

At the same time, Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash memory also provides a three-layer AI intelligent management system, which uses artificial intelligence technology to train and learn equipment alarm and log data on the basis of obtaining customer authorization, so as to realize intelligent guarantee, real-time health analysis, intelligent fault prevention, etc., greatly reducing the operation risks and hidden dangers of the storage system, and improving the storage efficiency Management efficiency is more than 5 times.

In general, many innovations of Huawei oceanstor storage Dorado series high-end full flash memory are highly consistent with dcig’s emphasis and attention on full flash array dimension, so it’s natural that Huawei can dominate the list in the best recommendation.

The change of all flash memory market from dcig Purchasing Guide

There is no doubt that under the sustained and stable development trend of the enterprise storage market, all flash memory array has become the biggest focus of market competition, not only because it has maintained a level far higher than the market growth rate for many years, but also because it has a profound impact on the data center infrastructure. It can be said that whoever can lead in the all flash array will win the market competition in the future.

From “dcig” It can be seen from the “2020-2021 all flash memory array purchase guide” that users’ requirements for all flash memory array are not only in terms of performance, capacity, reliability and other hardware indicators, but also in terms of automation, predictive analysis, active support, hybrid cloud integration, container persistent storage and other soft power, which are more and more valued by users. In fact, it also drives further innovation of all flash memory array to achieve better results And traditional array products to accelerate the elimination.

Therefore, the author believes that global flash memory is accelerating into a differentiation period. As a matter of fact, many stars in the past all flash memory market are not good enough in recent years and may be eliminated by the market. On the contrary, Huawei and other manufacturers continue to innovate, continuously improve the product strength, quickly meet the needs of data center users in storage products, and become the representative of high-speed growth in the market.

Taking Huawei as an example, it has achieved the world’s first growth rate in all flash memory for several consecutive quarters, becoming the most powerful manufacturer in the market. Taking the latest first quarter of 2020 as an example, affected by various factors, global storage suppliers generally saw a decline in revenue in this quarter. However, Huawei’s storage kept a high growth rate of 24.7% against the trend, ranking first in terms of growth rate. Among them, Huawei’s all flash memory growth rate was as high as 45.1%, far higher than the average growth rate of the market and other competitors.

With more and more data center users around the world adopting high-end flash memory such as oceanstor storage Dorado series, the future of Huawei storage is worth looking forward to

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