China has the world’s leading 5g communication technology and relies on Huawei’s unremitting efforts. When 2G, 3G and 4G technologies lag behind Europe and America, Huawei has caught up in the 5g field, but it still can not open the huge European and American market. The United States, Britain and other European and American countries have announced to abandon Huawei 5g communication equipment.

At present, China’s first tier cities have basically covered 5g signals, and many second and third tier cities have also established 5g base stations, thanks to the huge investment of the three operators. Compared with 4G, 5g undoubtedly has great advantages, such as higher network speed, low delay and high reliability, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. Because the communication bandwidth and bit rate of 5g are much higher than 4G, As a direct result, the signal transmission distance decreases sharply. To achieve signal coverage in the same area, the density of 5g base station will be 3-4 times that of 4G, and the power consumption of base station will also increase significantly.

To put it simply, the capital construction cost is greatly increased, which also makes the 5g package tariff of the three operators far higher than that of 4G package. According to the current situation, the 5g services of the three operators are in a situation where they can’t make ends meet. Recently, the three operators have said that they will selectively close 5g base stations in order to save electricity and reduce costs.

Why do the three operators selectively shut down 5g base stations?

From the current operation of 5g communication business, it is obvious that major operators are very difficult. On the one hand, there are huge costs, on the other hand, users don’t pay at all.

Due to the high cost of 5g, even if the whole people use 5g package, it is necessary to significantly increase the communication charges in order to ensure the profitability of operators. Moreover, at present, few people are willing to accept the high 5g package.

It can be said that major operators have vigorously promoted 5g business since 2019, from overwhelming advertising to launching marketers to make crazy telephone sales. Some operators even carry out 5g promotion for users in small counties. It is ridiculous that there is not even a 5g base station in the county. But most users still won’t buy it, which is understandable, because there is no need to spend more money to buy a completely unnecessary service.

At present, the biggest obstacle to 5g is that there is no civilian demand. For most mobile phone users, 4G is fully sufficient. There are no obstacles to watching videos, brushing web pages and using communication tools. However, many users have noticed that the speed of 4G network is declining. Perhaps one day, operators will significantly reduce the speed of 4G network as before, forcing users to upgrade 5g, The injured can only be the common people, because the telecom tariff will rise again.

There is no doubt that 5g will have a bright future. In the future, the Internet of things and unmanned driving can only be realized through 5g communication. However, at present, there is no need for large-scale promotion for ordinary people. The crazy construction of base stations is only the wishful thinking of operators and does not consider the needs of users at all.

In terms of mobile terminals, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are also the first group to launch 5g mobile phones in the world. Mobile phone manufacturers represented by Huawei and Xiaomi have launched 5g mobile phones early, but they have basically become chicken ribs, and 5g mobile phones bought at high prices have no place to play.

Apple in the United States is obviously a calm and rational alternative. Until now, it is still not in a hurry to launch 5g mobile phones.

In the 21st century, the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Although 5g technology is mature, the market has not been opened. Perhaps 6G has come out before the market really accepts 5g. I don’t know how long this 5g feast will last.

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