Why is the power consumption doubled when the smart meter is replaced at home? You may not believe it

There is an electricity meter installed in every household. In the past, some black meters with the same pointer were installed in our homes, but now almost all of them have been replaced by 5A smart meters. Although 5A smart meters are much more convenient for people to pay electricity bills, and the calculation is more accurate, it is reasonable to say that we are very happy to replace them with smart meters, but we are not satisfied, Why is the electricity charge higher at home since the 5A smart meter was replaced?

In addition, we also found that after the installation of 5A smart meters, the electricity charges at home have at least doubled or even higher. At this time, everyone is wondering whether the power bureau has installed some tricks in the meters, which leads to this situation? In fact, it is not that our electricity consumption has increased, but that the electricity meter has become more sensitive. The former electricity meter was a mechanical meter with a mechanical structure inside.

The new meter has no mechanical loss, high temperature resistance and is more sensitive to electricity. In the past, the electricity meter was read from the door. Sometimes the staff would directly ignore the decimal point. But now all the devices are connected to the Internet and synchronized directly. There is no difference in any electronic word. And the electricity meter itself will consume electricity, which will also be included in the electricity bill.

And we can all realize that in the past, there were very few electrical appliances in our home, but now the home is almost full of electrical appliances. For example, refrigerators, air conditioners and other electrical appliances consume a lot of electricity, as well as our mobile phone charging, routers and so on. Even if these things do not work normally, as long as the power supply is powered on, they will generate current. We think that these currents do not consume electricity, but are often the most power consuming.

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