Apple’s trump card iPhone has been selling up and down for a while, but a Airpods that has just been launched make complaints about it.

Such a product, which was not favored at the beginning, now seems to be the most popular one among the real wireless headphones. Even though there are countless imitators later, it still cannot shake its position.

In many people’s eyes, airplads are expensive and ugly, and their sound quality is even. Why do they sell so well? Because it’s called an apple? I believe that now the so-called “Apple myth” is long gone, otherwise how could the iPhone fall so miserably?

I recently used a brand of real wireless headphones for a while, but I have a little experience about it. I might as well share it with you here.

Why do airplads sell so well

Portable battery box

First of all, the most obvious experience is the design of the charging box. To be honest, the design of the charging box of airplads is not very brilliant, or even has no characteristics. In terms of aesthetic design, it is far worse than the charging box of the real wireless headset I used.

But I was baffled by the well-designed charging box, because when I wanted to take it out of the door, it was a huge obstacle to put it in my pocket from any angle. Especially when you put it into the front trouser pocket, the bulging shape will even make people suspect that you are engaging in yellow, and there is evidence.

Although the appearance of the airpods’ charging box is plain, it is flat enough to put it in your pocket without causing unnecessary embarrassment or affecting your actions. This may not be the decisive factor of a product, but it’s really important once it’s put into the life scene.

Semi earphones for the largest audience

Airpods continues the earpods’ half in ear design. In fact, many mass consumers don’t like in ear earphones very much. Unfortunately, most earphones in the market are in ear earphones in order to highlight the professional fever, which makes the choice of half in ear or flat plug rare.

In many cases, in ear style is aimed at music enthusiasts. Airpods choose to give up the minority fever market and turn to more popular groups. The half in ear design is more acceptable to light users. Apple has accurately found its own position, rather than blindly pursuing high-end hard core.

Another feature of airpods is to automatically stop playing when you take off a headset. This humanized design is really useful. When you meet an acquaintance in a real scene to say hello, it is a basic etiquette to take off the headset.

The real wireless headset I use now is still using entity buttons, so I have to manually stop playing. On paper, you might think it’s too much trouble to just press the switch? But the experience in the real world is very different.

Stable and reliable Bluetooth connection

Finally, the convenient and stable Bluetooth connection of airpods will not drop the chain at a critical time. The real Bluetooth headset I use now will be disconnected in some places where the signal is more complex, which is more than a nuisance. The Bluetooth connection of airplads is relatively stable.

Of course, the current airpods are not perfect either. For example, up to now, the second generation still does not support touch volume adjustment. Some domestic real wireless headphones have already supported this function.

From the above, we can see that airpods is not a very good product in all aspects, but even this sense of balance makes it have no obvious short board and has a very strong universality. Such products use one word: worry free.

Airpods is not the kind of product that makes you amazing, but it will never add blocking to you. It’s the most appropriate to describe it as flat and stable, just like its three frequencies, light as water. When you need it, you will find that these details have been taken into account for you.


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