Modern society is highly electronic, as small as TV sets and as large as aviation rockets, all of which are inseparable from circuit systems. The basic components that make up the circuit system are resistors, capacitors, transistors and other components.

Early circuit boards used separate components, and a PCB can accommodate limited components, as well as limitations such as size and power consumption. As a result, many products cannot be miniaturized. Semiconductor integrated circuits integrate active devices such as transistors, diodes, and passive devices such as resistors and capacitors on a single semiconductor wafer according to certain circuit rules through a series of specific processing techniques. , encapsulated in an enclosure that performs a specific circuit or system function. The printed circuit board is integrated on the circuit board, and all the components and connections of the circuit system in the semiconductor integrated circuit are all made on a single semiconductor wafer, which is the material, process, device, physics, circuit, system, algorithm, etc. Organic integration of various elements. With the development of integrated circuits, the way of life of human beings is constantly changing.

The technology of integrated circuits includes bipolar TTL technology and CMOS technology.

Integrated circuits have incomparable advantages in scale, speed, reliability, power consumption and other performance, and promote the miniaturization, informatization and intelligence of electronic products.

1. In terms of scale

This is well understood. The size of the whole product designed with integrated circuits is much smaller than the size of the circuit board of discrete components, so that the products of the same size can be designed with integrated circuits, and the product functions will be more abundant.

2. Performance:

Since integrated circuits are all packaged inside the chip, their reliability and environmental impact are much smaller than those built by traditional discrete components.

3. Power consumption:

Due to its small size, low voltage and high integration, integrated circuits are far superior to traditional discrete component circuits in terms of power consumption.

Will traditional discrete component circuits be completely replaced?

At present, there are still many circuits that need to be built by discrete components, such as high-power circuits and high-voltage circuits. Many discrete components are used. Because the integrated circuit is small in size and low in voltage, it is essentially determined that it needs to withstand high voltage. It is not suitable for high-power occasions. Some integrated circuits are expensive, and the use of discrete components to build will reduce costs and other factors must be considered.

Choosing the optimal circuit for use is always testing the designer's wisdom.

Reviewing Editor: Liu Qing

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