Type-C can be inserted in any horizontal position, especially in the dark, as long as you can find a mouth, it is unspeakable. Another advantage of type-C interface is that it can support higher specification fast charging, with a maximum voltage of 20V and 100W. Does it sound scary, and the data transmission speed is also scary. Two channels of 5GB / s or 10Gb / s transmission channels are allowed.

Why are more and more mobile phones using type-C interface

Type-C earphones will be a standard set on higher. LETV has pioneered the whole process digital lossless audio standard. The type-C headphone interface can ensure 96k / 24bit, which can better realize hi fi sound quality and bring better sound quality and better experience.

The type-C interface can provide two-way power supply, which can not only charge the equipment itself, but also supply power to external equipment. For example, the type-C interface adopted by lvlian wireless charging bank supports both input and output. Compared with micro USB interface, the mobile power supply adopts type-C interface, and there can be more interfaces to charge multiple mobile phones at the same time.

Why are more and more mobile phones using type-C interface

The type-C interface is very scalable and can be extended to a variety of audio and video output interfaces, such as HDMI, DVI, VGA, etc.

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