VR and Ar are very popular in the science and technology circle, but they are also very controversial. However, VR and Ar are very popular, and they can bring unprecedented experience to enterprises and users, which is undeniable. Now with the coming of 5g, it will also promote the development of VR and ar. at the same time, VR and AR applications cannot do without 5g support.

Why 5g will make VR / AR industry explode

Ge Qi, general manager of Greater China strategic cooperation of the global mobile communication system association, said: “no matter what kind of VR exhibits in the experience hall are worn for more than 10 minutes, they will feel dizzy. Can they be like wearing glasses, the area is a day? “This is also a real feeling of many viewers.

Obviously, high quality vr virtual reality experience puts forward high requirements for the network environment. In the view of experts attending the meeting, the characteristics of VR and AR applications determine that 5g support is indispensable. Wei Chenguang, vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, said: “in VR and AR technologies, voice recognition, line of sight tracking, gesture sensing, etc. all need low delay processing. Therefore, when VR and AR encounter mobile communication, 5g with large bandwidth and ultra-low delay becomes very important. “

Why 5g will make VR / AR industry explode

Compared with the current 4G network, 5g network speed will be nearly 100 times higher, especially conducive to the transmission of 8K and above Ultra HD content. Wei Chenguang introduced that the 8K live broadcast test under 5g network in Zhejiang, Shandong and other places has not only greatly improved the sense of immersion, but also introduced the scene rendering function; in addition, 5g network also promotes the wireless VR video collection equipment, so that the equipment can move freely in a large space.

“In order to get closer to reality, VR scene experience needs very detailed texture and texture, which is easy to achieve under 5g network,” said the relevant director of Qualcomm Based on the two key technologies of network slicing and edge computing in 5g, it can meet the model application of VR in many scenarios, and let operators provide services for users at low cost.

Why 5g will make VR / AR industry explode

Nowadays, people are very interested in the cutting-edge technology of VR and ar. it is true that VR and AR have enough attraction and can bring unique experience. With the continuous maturity of technology and the coming of 5g, we believe that the development of VR and AR will be better.


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